Saturday 8 August 1668

Up, and I walked out, and met Uncle Wight, whom I sent to last night, and Mr. Wight coming to see us, and I walked with them back to see my aunt at Katherine Hill, and there walked up and down the hill and places, about: but a dull place, but good ayre, and the house dull. But here I saw my aunt, after many days not seeing her — I think, a year or two; and she walked with me to see my wife. And here, at the Red Lyon, we all dined together, and mighty merry, and then parted: and we home to Fox Hall, where Fitzgerald and I ‘light, and by water to White Hall, where the Duke of York being abroad, I by coach and met my wife, who went round, and after doing at the office a little, and finding all well at home, I to bed. I hear that Colbert, the French Ambassador, is come, and hath been at Court incognito. When he hath his audience, I know not.

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Robert Gertz  •  Link

Yea! Uncle Wight is back!!


Hmmn...Ambassador Colbert is "incognito" but everyone knows he's here. Sounds about right.


Bess "went round"?

"So, my dear...You refuse to provide your king...The most noble Louis...With the information on the English navy we requested." Colbert, grimly.

"Oui, Monsieur Col...Smith."

(Yes, lets pray remember I am incognito, woman.)

"I cannot betray Samuel...I love him."

"Foolish girl... France did not place you here for sentiment to rule. Much as we understand the affairs of the heart. Your task is to destroy the one man who might yet save England from falling into the clutches of our beloved sun king."

"But Mr. Pepys is such a nice man..." Deb sighs.

Nate  •  Link

"Hmmn…Ambassador Colbert is “incognito” but everyone knows he’s here. Sounds about right."

In this case “incognito” means "unofficially" does it not? He's treated as a typical aristocrat but not as Ambassador.

Terry Foreman  •  Link

Pepys has often written since the Fire, of going 'round along the City Wall.

Ralph Berry  •  Link

I seem to remember as a boy in the 1950's if we were going to a single destination we were going "up to London" but if we were going to a number of destinations we would be going "round London" I don't know if these terms are still used.

Terry Foreman  •  Link

Methinks that, after several days on the road south and back, Elizabeth and the rest of the Pepys entourage are heading for home PDQ. SP himself, after an appointed appearance, registers relief to be back and find all well at the end.

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