Sunday 15 December 1667

(Lord’s day). Up, and to church, where I heard a German preach, in a tone hard to be understood, but yet an extraordinary good sermon, and wholly to my great content. So home, and there all alone with wife and girle to dinner, and then I busy at my chamber all the afternoon, and looking over my plate, which indeed is a very fine quantity, God knows, more than ever I expected to see of my own, and more than is fit for a man of no better quality than I am. In the evening comes Mrs. Turner to visit us, who hath been long sick, and she sat and supped with us, and after supper, her son Francke being there, now upon the point of his going to the East Indys, I did give him “Lex Mercatoria,” and my wife my old pair of tweezers, which are pretty, and my book an excellent one for him. Most of our talk was of the great discourse the world hath against my Lady Batten, for getting her husband to give her all, and disinherit his eldest son; though the truth is, the son, as they say, did play the knave with his father when time was, and the father no great matter better with him, nor with other people also. So she gone, we to bed.

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Mary  •  Link


Probably the 'set or case of small instruments' that appears as the head definition in OED. Not, I think, a small pair of pincers with which to keep his eyebrows tidy.

Robert Gertz  •  Link

"...but yet an extraordinary good sermon, and wholly to my great content..."

Hmmn? What kind of sermon would be wholly to Sam's great content?

"Blessed is der industrious mann...For his ist der Kingdom of Heaven which be like un to un beehive wherein der industrious workers are given all they require. Blessed is der mann who take care in all he does und minds his fields and tends his wealth mit firm resolve, for remember der parable of der industrious steward who did increase his master's holdings und vas rewarded by his master but der fearful steward who hid his share of his master's holdings vas cast out. Forgive der philanderer, oh Lord, for Mann ist weak und Temptation gross...Unless of course der philandering be der Woman, then punish with all just Wrath, oh Godt, for it is written that Woman doth lead der Mann into Sin und Death..."

"I like this fellow, Bess." Sam, beaming.

Geoff Hallett  •  Link

'and more than is fit for a man of no better quality than I am', a wonderful piece of introspection that makes the diary so special.

cum salis grano  •  Link

Tweezers [with an s]
1. A set or case of small instruments. Also a pair (= set) of tweezers. Obs. rare.
1654 D. Osborne Lett. to Sir W. Temple (1888) 223 Did not you say once you knew where good French tweezers were to be had? Pray send me a pair; they shall cut no love.
1662 S. Pepys Diary 20 June (1970) III. 115 Bought me a pair of tweezers, cost me 14s.
1686 tr. J. Chardin Trav. Persia 122 Ribbands, Paper, Needles, Twizers, Knives and Scissars.
1688 R. L'Estrange Brief Hist. Times III. 121 A Present of Twezers, and a Case of Knives to Father Sweetman at Madrid.

Thesaurus »

a. Small pincers or nippers (orig. as included in the contents of an etui) used for plucking out hairs from the face or for grasping minute objects. Also a pair of tweezers.
1654 E. Gayton Pleasant Notes Don Quixot iii. vii. 110 If he had but spirit enough to have drawne, the very sight of his Tweezers would have put the Don to the Roares.
1654 E. Gayton Pleasant Notes Don Quixot iii. xii. 156 Mr. Barber with his Razor or his Tweezers, could not be so expeditious.
a1704 T. Brown Lett. to Gentlemen & Ladies in Wks. (1708) III. ii. 124 His Eye-brows are fair, but over large,‥I mean, when the Tweezers have not play'd their Part.

1. A case of small instruments; an etui, a tweezer-case. Obs.
1654 E. Gayton Pleasant Notes Don Quixot iii. vii. 111 His signe‥is as attractive as‥his Plaister-box (if he be a Chyron too) or if not, as his Tweezer.
1745 Gentleman's Mag. Jan. 34/2 They admired my tweeser, and the trinkets in it.
1746 E. Haywood Female Spectator No. 22. (1748) IV. 187 Her maid‥went privately away in the night, taking with her‥her watch, tweezer, a diamond solitaire, and several other trinkets.

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