By Gerard Malynes, first published 1622. Full title: ‘Consuedo, vel, Lex Mercatoria: or, The Law Merchant: Divided into three parts, according to the Essential Parts of Traffick Necessary for All Statesmen, Judges, Magistrates, Temporal and Civil Lawyers, Mint-Men, Merchants, Mariners and Others Negotiating in all Places of the World.’

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Malynes, Gerard, fl. 1586-1641.

Consuetudo: vel, lex mercatoria, = or, The ancient law-merchant, divided into three parts: according to the essentiall parts of trafficke. Necessary for all states-men, judges, magistrates, temporall and civill lawyers, mint-men, merchants, mariners, and all others negotiating in all places of the world. By Gerard Malynes merchant. Salus populi, suprema lex esto. Also, advice concerning bils of exchange, wherein the whole practicall part and body of exchange of money is anatomized, by Iohn Marius publike notary. Together, with A collection of all sea-laws, which are to be found among any people or nation upon the coasts of the great ocean and Mediterranean Sea. Composed long since by a professor of the civill law. Whereunto is annexed, The merchants mirrour: or, Directions for the perfect ordering and keeping of his accounts; ... As likewise, a waste-book, ... And also, a month-book, ... Compiled by Richard Dafforne of Northhampton, accountant, and teacher of the same, after an exquisite method, in that English and Dutch language. To which is added An introduction to merchants accounts, compiled by Iohn Collings, late professor of writin merchants accounts.
London : printed by William Hunt, for Nicolas Bourne, at the South-entrance of the Royall Exchange, 1656.

fo., [12], 192, 185-333, [1]; [6], 78, [2]; [20], 55, [13], 19, [13] p., 13 leaves, [6] p., 3 leaves, [48], 7, [51], 9, [1] p., 4 leaves, [37] p.; [92]; [11], 12, [2], 13-44, [16], 36, [1], 37-39, [1] p.

Wing (2nd ed.), M364
PL 2447

First issued as:

Malynes, Gerard, fl. 1586-1641.
Consuetudo, vel lex mercatoria, or The ancient law-merchant. Diuided into three parts: according to the essentiall parts of trafficke. Necessarie for all statesmen, iudges, magistrates, temporall and ciuile lawyers, mint-men, merchants, marriners, and all others negotiatin in all places of the world. By Gerard Malynes merchant.
London : Printed by Adam Islip, Anno Dom. 1622.

fo., [16], 501, [3] p.
STC (2nd ed.), 17222

Editions: 1622, 29, 36, 56, 85, 86.

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