It’s possible that many regular readers of this site aren’t aware that there’s a related email discussion group. It’s been running for some years on Yahoo Groups but isn’t very prominently advertised here, which I’ll try to fix. However, because Yahoo is deleting all its groups’ archives the Pepys’ Diary group has now moved over to

The group is for any discussion of Pepys and related topics that don’t fit neatly into the places we have here — annotations on diary entries and Encyclopedia topics for example. Much of it is the sterling work of Terry Foreman posting many interesting links to articles of interest to readers of this site, although there is discussion on various subjects too and contributions from others.

If someone gets in touch with me with a question related to Pepys or his era that I can’t answer, I usually suggest they join the group and ask its knowledgable members!

So, if you’re not yet a member and what a bit more Pepys-related history discussion in your life, feel free to join the group. (Your account on that site is entirely separate to the account used to sign in to this site, if you have one.)


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