As most of you are probably aware, the diary ends next year. (Apologies if this is a spoiler for you, but I fear this particular surprise is unavoidable.) It would be great to see Sam off with a gathering in London for anyone who’s able to make it.

So, a date for your diary: Saturday 26th May 2012. I don’t have a precise plan yet, but consider that a definite date on which anyone who’s able to be in London can celebrate Sam, Elizabeth, the diary and the past nine-and-a-bit years.

I’m currently thinking of maybe a guided walk of Pepys’ London in the afternoon and a dinner together in the evening. Any other suggestions are very welcome!

At some point nearer the time I’ll need to know how many people will be able to make it, but that’s not necessary right now — I just thought some advance warning would be good for anyone hoping to come over from far afield!

I’ll post further updates both here and on the discussion group. If you have any questions or concerns, do post a comment below, or email me directly.


First Reading

George Tyler  •  Link

Could you not start again??


Phil Gyford  •  Link

I've been running the site for nearly nine years - I'm looking forward to a break!

If the diary does continue again (and that's a big IF) then it won't be until the beginning of 2013.

Chris Faulkner  •  Link

I think everyone would join me in thanking you for such a huge effort. I picked up the diary about 5 or 6 years ago, and have been with you ever since. I do try and go back and pick up the years I missed, but it's so much better reading day by day. I hope the site will stay up so people can read it. The notes, comments and links make it so much richer than reading a hardcopy version. Thanks again Phil.

Glyn  •  Link

Many congratulations Phil. I've always been impressed by your hard work and determination in continuing with this project for so many years.

Is there any way we can arrange a virtual meet-up (by Skype perhaps?) with those people who can't get across to London? Perhaps those in America could meet together in Boston or New York?

As for me, I've marked it in my 2012 Diary and will do my darndest to be there.

Duke Doudna  •  Link

What a great idea! I don't know that I can join you all but the Skype thought is good.

I've been reading since the very beginning. Don't remember how I learned about the project; it might have been a NPR story.

What a character Sam is!

sue nicholson  •  Link

What a lovely idea, Phil. As I have said before I think the idea of a Pepys blog was absolutely inspired and it has been a pleasure to see how all the links you and others have added, have turned it into a fantastic resource for anyone interested in Pepys or the social history of 17th century. Well done indeed and I will look forward to a Pepys Dinner on 26th May.
If we do go for a Pepys walk I have some interesting resources to share about the Seething Lane site.
Many thanks again for your hard work, determination and vision in making this site the phenomenon that it is.

tim noble  •  Link

Dear Phil- I have enjoyed the diary day-by-day and naively thought it would just start again - I only came across it last year,maybe the year before.
At least,can you reassure me the archive will remain so that I can access it day-by-day after next May!
Brilliant job, anyway, whether or not you carry on, cheers.

Phil Gyford  •  Link

Thanks Tim - I'm glad you enjoy it. The archive won't be going anywhere!

Dick Givens  •  Link

Dear Phil: What a wonderful job you have done. The diary has become a part of my morning routine. I do not look forward to the end.
I often think of Sam and his daily routine as I go through mine. You have brought a great deal of pleasure to all of us.


Tony Eldridge  •  Link

I must add my thanks Phil for the great original idea and for the way you carried it through. It has become a part of my morning routine too for the past few years. It also encouraged me to read elsewhere about Sam, Bess and the times they inhabited.
I shall miss our 17th century soap opera.

J Don Gilbert  •  Link

Phil ...
I,too, missed large portions of the diary and
fervently hope it could be done again. But I
realize this may be too much to ask ... I can
only imagine the work you have put into this.
I'm reminded of a TV show about the old American
West ... at the conclusion the narrator said,
"But, by d--n, wouldn't it be fun to tear it up
and start all over again." Don't tear it up
but I hope we can start again.
If so, I would hope the original annotations
would be kept. I really enjoy those !!!

Joanne May  •  Link

Phil. I have been enjoying the diary for many years now and want to thank you for your effort in providing such a brilliant site. I am a lurker but love reading all the erudite posts from the usual annotators. As I live near Winchester I will try to get to London next May--what a great idea!

Robin Peters  •  Link

What a wonderful road we have travelled together. I started about six weeks into the diary and it has been my first call of the day ever since.
I have that day in May in my diary and will do my best to get there. I'm half way on Sam's route to Portsmouth but the journey is so much easier now. See you then as I want to thank Phil personally.

Jim and Stephanie Oswald  •  Link

My wife and I are loving your Pepys tweets . It is the best thing on twitter. We hope to see you on May 26th. Thank you for all your hard work.

Stan Oram  •  Link

Well Done Phil - I didn't know who was running the site and I cannot remember how I came to it but as someone commented above, it is now a part of my daily routine - for about two or three years. My 9xgreat uncle (John West) was a signatory to the codycil of Pepys will so it gives me a great insight into life at the time of my ancestor in London. I love the idea of a get together in London - the comments are a great part of the attraction for me since they elucidate fact I am completely unaware of.

Clive Foden  •  Link

I'd love to come to London, Phil. I've been a huge fan of Sam since I read the (shortened) diaries and couldn't put them down. My 12 year old daughter is getting interested too. Would it be alright to bring her? We live in Cromer and are looking forward to a day meeting like minded people!
And Phil: thank you for an inspired idea and the diligence to carry it through so passionately. I'd love to know what Sam would have thought about your venture and the joy and learning it has brought to so many people. I, too, came upon your project by pure chance a little over a year ago and will sorely miss it when it finishes!

Phil Gyford  •  Link

Clive, of course it would be fine to bring your daughter, so long as she doesn't mind a bit of walking around looking at old things! I'll be asking for more definite numbers a bit nearer the time.

kim oliver  •  Link

Life without Pepys? How will it be possible. What will I do with all that time previously spent reading the diary and blog.

One of Pepys habits I have picked up - I read while walking to work, or with the dog. It add so much reading time into my life.

I'll see you in London on May 26.

Chris Squire  •  Link

I would like to join you on the 26th if I may.

I too very much hope that the Diary will be republished as a blog shortly, as I came to it rather late and very much prefer to get it a day at a time via RSS and to enjoy the comments that other readers make day by day. I agree that you have earned as long a rest as you wish to take from Sam & his world.

I would be pleased to assist in this if that is feasible, in much the same was as Political is co-edited by a team when its founder editor Mike Smithson is away: I am a retired gent living in London with experience of running a website:

Phil Gyford  •  Link

Chris, I'm afraid there is no space left on the 26th, as later posts point out, sorry.

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