I’ve just added another little piece of period data to the sidebar, which you’ll see on all diary entries from 11 November 1668 onwards: A brief description of the day’s weather, taken from John Gadbury’s London Weather Diary. That particular day, for example, was described as “Great winds and rain at night”.

These descriptions are taken from Keith J Tinkler’s formidable Daily Weather page which has lots more historical data on it.

Unfortunately Gadbury only began his diary a little while before Pepys finished his, but it should add some colour to the remaining months.


First Reading

Terry Foreman  •  Link

Great get! A fine addition to "Also on this day". As you say, 'tis a shame John Gadbury’s London Diary only began six months before SP ended his; but how could Gadbury have known?!

Second Reading

San Diego Sarah  •  Link

Keith J Tinkler's weather page sadly seems to have disappeared. He is an historical meteorologist, and if you Google his name you'll find all sorts of fascinating things ... but his observations on 1660's weather seems to have vanished. But I may be looking in the wrong place???

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