The BBC have a new radio sitcom in development called Pauline Pepys’ Dowry, with the pilot episode set to be recorded this week.

There doesn’t seem to be much information around. The BBC’s site for getting tickets to recordings says this:

Olivia Colman, David Mitchell, Sharon Horgan, Katherine Parkinson, Tom Hollander and Rebekah Staton star in a new situation comedy by Amy Shindler and Beth Chalmers, produced by Gareth Edwards.

London, 1660. Meet Pauline Pepys, less famous sister of Samuel. Her love life is in tatters, her sister-in-law wants her to move out of the spare room, and her best friend is her worst enemy. Oh, and there’s a nasty spot of plague about.

A new situation comedy about some age old problems.

I’m guessing that Pall will be played by Olivia Colman (Mark’s (ex-)girlfriend/wife Sophie in Peep Show) and Samuel is going to be played by David Mitchell (Peep Show’s Mark and comedy panel-show regular) which, I think, could work quite well. All in all it sound like it could be fun.

No idea about when the show will be broadcast.


First Reading

Linsey  •  Link

I am going to the first recording this evening - so can let you know after that!

Linsey  •  Link

Hi, I can report that it was funny. Will be aired on Tuesday 10th August.

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