Two big bits of news if you’re a German speaker, or know someone who is who might also be interested in Pepys…

First, Haffmans & Tolkemitt have published the first complete translation of the Latham & Matthews edition of the diary in a nine-volume box set. The description says it includes a “companion”, but it’s only nine volumes, so I’m not sure if there’s also a complete index. Still, that’s a lot of translation!

Second, Manfred Zeller has also begun translating and publishing the diary and posting it online, day-by-day in the same fashion as It will be interesting to compare each day in the two languages (when we’ve worked out the best method, I’ll probably be linking to each day from this site).

So, pass this on if you have some German friends who might enjoy Sam’s world, or if you fancy brushing up your German by reading something familiar…


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