In June the Society of Historically Informed Performance are holding three concerts of music from Pepys’ time interspersed with readings from the diary. There’s more on their website and the dates and locations are are:

  • Tuesday, 10 June 2008, 8:00pm: St. Peter’s Church, 320 Boston Post Rd, Weston MA

  • Wednesday, 11 June 2008, 8:00pm: The Chapel At West Parish, 129 Reservation Rd, Andover MA

  • Thursday, 12 June 2008, 8:00pm: Lindsey Chapel, Emmanuel Church, 15 Newbury St, Boston MA

Tickets can be bought here.


anon  •  Link

not a peep?

jeannine  •  Link

A wonderful event!

I attended the Seven Times Salt "A Brave Barrel of Oysters" The Music of Samuel Pepys in Weston, MA this evening and it was truly a delight! The readings from the Diary were exceptional and pieced together perfectly with the different music of Sam's time, including Matthew Locke, Simon Ives, William Lawes, and yes, even our Sam himself ("Beauty Retire"). The musicians were intriguing with a beautiful assortment of instruments including several recorders, bagpipes, violins, bass viol and a lute. There was a great solo tenor and the ensemble also joined in on different songs, with lovely voices and harmony. Hopefully others in the Boston area will be able to catch this while it lasts!

Dan  •  Link

Many thanks, Jeannine, for coming to our concert last night and for reviewing it here. It's a pleasure to play this music, and if the concerts are successful, we hope to release a CD of this program within the coming year.

Thanks to Phil and all on the site for providing me with a great deal of information, and an exceptional lurking're credited in our concert program. :)

John Eure  •  Link

If a CD is issued, please let diary readers know how to get one. I am sure I am not the only distant-from- Boston reader who would love to hear it.

John  •  Link

Is there anywhere (online) to see or obtain a copy of the program? In pdf format maybe? I too would be interested in a CD.

jeannine  •  Link

Dan and all Diary Readers

The joy of the music is that it helped to add a whole new dimension to Sam's Diary. From time to time her writes of different instruments but we never actually
'hear' what they sound like. In addition to being wonderfully talented and creative musicians, the group, Seven Times Salt added a much richer appreciation of Sam's love of music for me. Even my husband (who was so kind to be 'dragged along') was amazed at the diverse instruments, the arrangements and the wonderful selections of readings. Let's hope either a cd and/or dvd come about for all to enjoy.

Dan  •  Link

Hello everyone,

Now that the dust has cleared and we're on to other projects, I've finally had time to put a PDF of the concert program up on our website at (click the link for "Concert Programs"). I may get a few small sound samples posted as well. I will keep all of you updated as to progress on the CD--Josh (our viol player) is in Israel for the rest of the summer, but we're hoping to start work on the recording as soon as he's back.

Thanks again for all the interest and kind words!

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