This site will shortly be moving to a new server — although there haven’t been many problems due to the current server, there will hopefully be even fewer at the new one!

Because of the move a number of things may happen, possibly at some point this week:

  • I may switch off the ability to post annotations for a period, possibly a day or so. This will enable me to copy the database to the new server without losing any annotations on the way.
  • The process of pointing the domain name ( to the new server can take varying amounts of time to work its way around the internet, so you might see the server at its new site to different times to other people.
  • Some things may well be broken during the move, but bear with me and I’ll iron them out as soon as I can.

I’ll post further details as soon as I know more precisely when the move is likely to take place. Thanks for your imminent patience!


First Reading

Mel Claydon  •  Link

just happened on site,very interested in following web log.

Bradford  •  Link

Might there be a helpful notice to the effect that
"Pepys Has Moved! Please change your bookmark to" such and such,
as one sometimes sees on other sites?

Best wishes for smooth transition.

Phil Gyford  •  Link

No, that won't be needed Bradford - the address will stay exactly the same, but there can be a little disruption while the whole internet gets to hear about which server the name should now point to. But thanks for the thought!

Xjy  •  Link

Good luck! Hope you have better luck with your computer changes and "improvements" than I usually do :-)

Glyn  •  Link

So if I don't have the opportunity later: Happy 29th Birthday to Sam for tomorrow (Wednesday)!

(And thanks again to Phil for the awesome amount of work he puts into this site.)

carole  •  Link

Thank you again Phil for this great site, and all your technical skills, time and effort that make it happen.

Debe  •  Link

Hope the switch/improvements are flawless. I do so enjoy this site. Thanks for making the exchanges here possible. They are rich.

Edith, Rochester NY  •  Link

Looking forward to March 23, Sam's 372nd(?) birthday.

Ruben  •  Link

I can only thank you again for this wonderful site.
You demonstrate here every day that the Internet can contribute to our culture in an intelligent way.
I hope the slight sweat, taquipnea, mydriasis and some anxiety I feel at this moment are not part of a withdrawal syndrome apprehension...

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