Last night a whole week of the diary appeared on the site… Apoologies if this has spoiled your enjoyment in any way. I updated Movable Type (the software used to run this site) but forgot to re-implement the customisation that copes with the automated posting of 343 year old diary entries. So it posted everything! I’ll try and remember this moment next time I upgrade…

I realise annotations were posted to some of these “future” entries… they’ll now remain hidden until the relevant diary entry appears, at which point they’ll become visible again. These annotations will still be listed on the Recent Annotations page I’m afraid, but the links won’t work until the entry appears.

Sorry again!


First Reading

language hat  •  Link

No problem -- I'm just glad there was a sensible explanation!
I thought I was experiencing precognition... (I absolutely refused to read the future days, so I'll experience them in their pristine newness.)

Joe  •  Link

This is probably a good time to thank you for all the hard work you've put into providing us with this immensely enjoyable site.
I live in GMT-7, so I read it just before I go to bed each night, just as Sam would have written it (although I doubt his laptop was a fast as mine ;-)

Floyd Springer  •  Link

I have been here since day one. Thank
you and the annotators for the experience.
Forked River, NJ, USA

Bradford  •  Link

From Friday 21 January 2005 and for a week thereafter, on the "Life of the Day" feature of the new "Oxford Dictionary of National Biography," you can read an entertaining essay in which Pepys is mentioned twice: Janet Todd's biographical sketch of
"Carleton [n

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