It’s been suggested before, but the need for it has become more apparent as the diary goes on. I’ve created glossary category in the Background Info section for words that are used reasonably often, that need explaining, and that don’t have a more suitable category. “Link boy” is the only entry so far, and if you think of anything else (in past or future diary entries), just let me know. It should help cut down on anyone having to explain the same things too often!


First Reading

chip  •  Link

I remember collation that reappears in today's entry. And of course the discourse over cap (foolscap as I and others thought). Congee was another word I learned. There was the flageolet (an organ stop incidentally). All the money words, half-a-piece (c.10s), piece (20s), piece of eight,etc. Jackanapes coat was another.

maureen  •  Link

I thought the flageolet - musical instrument in its own right - came first and the organ stop, allowing imitation of its sound, came later.

Skip Oberon  •  Link

Hi Samuel, (may I call you Pepys?) it has been a pleasure reading your blog these months. Speaking of organ stops, I was scraping the "doogles" off of my vox humana the other day when a big old diapason came up out of the rafters and snuck up on me. I cried to my wife Celeste for help. She's a great gal, and I love her with all my heart, even if her radishes are still not edible.

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