In the past we’ve debated whether there’s a need for a more informal discussion space, aside from the diary annotations. While we didn’t reach a conclusion, I think it’s worth a go. There have been a number of off-topic annotations recently and I think we would all benefit from somewhere we can dicsuss things, or ask questions, that don’t fit anywhere else.

So I’ve started a Pepys’ Diary group at SmartGroups (it’s like Yahoo! Groups but less cluttered). It’s not a perfect solution but often “good enough” is perfectly fine. If nothing else, it’s a good first step.

You can view messages either on the site or via email and I’d encourage you to sign up if you can spare any time for more discussion. Hopefully we’ll be discussing how best to use the group to begin with.

I should say though that 95% of the diary annotations are fine as they are and I see the new group as an addition to, rather than a replacement for, anything on this site. See you there!


First Reading

Phil  •  Link

Oops... I may have been rather too strict with the privacy setting on the group -- if you tried to join before now and had no luck, try again! It should be more accessible now... Sorry.

vincent  •  Link

Tried out the new site looks good , a little intimidating at first. Here one can carry out surveys which help in the democratic process.You can play parliamentarian or dictator to suit the circumstances. Hope more will join in.

language hat  •  Link

OK, I've joined the forum, but I don't understand how it works.
(No techie, I!) How do you add a message to an ongoing thread?

Roger Miller  •  Link

Click on the envelope with the red arrow.

Todd Bernhardt  •  Link

Problem with the digest form of the forum:

I've signed up for the forum, and specified that I want to receive the messages in digest form, but all I get is a single, somewhat-cryptic header in the body of the daily e-mail that's sent to me, rather than a digest of the messages. I checked w/Phil on this and, good egg that he is, he tested and it works fine for him. So, I unsubscribed, and subscribed again, hoping this would fix the problem. It didn't.

Is anyone else experiencing this problem, or has SmartGroups taken a dislike to me? Thanks for any help or suggestions you can provide.

Todd Bernhardt  •  Link

Problem solved.

I've since subscribed at two different, non-Yahoo addresses, and the digest option works fine. Hmmmm ... could this be because SmartGroups compete with Yahoo Groups? Nah...

They say a cynic is a disappointed romantic.

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