One of the first links on the front page of this site is to the Story so far page. This is intended to be a brief introduction to Pepys and his world, for anyone who’s just joining us as we progress through the diary. The lower third of the page is supposed to be a summary of what’s happened since the diary began but, as you can tell, it’s rather out of date.

I’ve been meaning to update it for some time but I’m realising I simply don’t have the time to make a decent job of it. Coupled with the fact that many of you have a better feel for the diary’s events than I, it makes sense if I hand over responsibility for keeping this up to date to someone else.

It shouldn’t require much time — it only needs updating occasionally, perhaps after major events — and inputting the text doesn’t require technical knowledge (although very basic HTML would be an advantage). So, if you’re keeping up with events and feel you can occasionally summarise them as a well-written introduction for newcomers, do drop me a line (rather than posting below).

Oh, and you’re not committing to performing this task for the next nine years! No obligation!

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