Glyn Thomas has pointed out that the Museum of London has a huge list of Pepys-related events happening in the city over the next few months.


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Sounds faboulous enjoy one and all:

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Pepys Tercentenary Events and Exhibits
The Samuel Pepys Club has listed events and exhibits celebrating The Tercentenary of the Death of Samuel Pepys.

"Samuel Pepys and Restoration London
"The museum of London and the National Portrait Gallery are also running a two-day conference on 26th and 27th September. Speakers include award-winning Pepys biographer Claire Tomalin, and a range of other Pepys experts. Topics include Pepys & Personalities, Restoration Wives, Pepys and the Art World and Fashion & Dress in Pepys' London. For further information or to book a place, please contact the Museum of London on 020 7814 5777 (office hours only).

"Friday 26 September and Saturday 27 September
L25 (L20 concessions) for both days.
One-day ticket only available for Friday 26 September
L20 (L15 concessions)"

"Pepys Walks
"Details can be obtained from Mary Frost
Mobile: 0788 4487988 or through the Guildhall Library. Also available from

"During 2003 the City of London Guides will be organising special Samuel Pepys walks around various parts of London with which he was connected.

"July - September 2003"

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Pepys-related London event (September 2003)

Every September various private and public buildings that are normally closed to the general public or charge admission fees are opened for people to visit for free. Further details can be found at:

On first glance, there are three buildings that have connections with Pepys.


“Westminster Hall and Portcullis House, Palace of Westminster – Sat 10am-5pm. Maximum of 300 at one time, queues expected. Westminster Hall is one of the finest and largest medieval halls in Europe and has a magnificent hammerbeam ceiling…”


“Sat/Sun 10am – 5pm, 3 tours per hour, max 15 per tour. Grade 1 listed Old Admiralty building, originally planned as separate apartments for the Lords of the Admiralty. Later converted to Navy Board Offices. Now Office of the Deputy Prime Minister. Old Admiralty Building, the Admiralty board room, the captain’s waiting room, entrance hall.”


“Sat 10am – 5pm. Stunning and regal building originally part of Whitehall Palace. Ceiling paintings by Rubens, Inigo Jones 1619.”

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This information is out of date after 20 - 21 September but is a complete list of all the buildings specially open to the public for free on that weekend:…

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A repost from above, to catch your eye, as it is next week:

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Pepys walk in Greenwich
I was in Greenwich last week and picked up a flyer for a Pepys walk this Sunday (28th September). It starts at 11.00am beneath the Cutty Sark figurehead, and lasts for about one and a half hours. Tickets are 4GBP / 3GBP concessions. The walk will be repeated on Sunday 19th October, Saturday 22nd November and Sunday 21st December.
The contact number for enquiries is 020 8854 1716

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Obviously, I have arrived here a bit late, but are there any regular Pepys events/walks? Or any planned for 2004/05?

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At 8:55 am +0100 2003-09-12, Phil Gyford wrote:
>By the way, 'Time Out London Walks Volume 2' has a Pepys walk written
>by Claire Tomalin.

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Events galore [17th C]"...area

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Medicine in London, 1600 to 1900 - A well-scrubbed world
18 feb free at gresham college at barnards hall
A public lecture to be delivered by Professor Allan Chapman of the University of Oxford, visiting Gresham Professor of the History of Science. Gresham College is an independently funded educational institution which has given Londoners the opportunity to attend free public lectures and engage in public debate, for over 400 years.


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Mapping the Metropolis:
This is a display of maps of London from the 16th to 20th centuries at the Guildhall Library in London. It's on until the end of February and is well worth a visit if you are in the area. (Sorry about the short notice but I only discovered it yesterday.) There are several maps from around the 17th century, including one showing the area destroyed by the fire in 1666.
More details here:…

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Not in London, but definitely an event, and worthy of note even to those who don't Digest the Discussion site:

Near Huntingdon, in Cambridgeshire, up for sale (with a little proviso). Note the surname of the contact.

(Discovery and URL courtesy Maureen B.)

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Pepys' house

I sincerily hope this house will remain in the public domain after 2027. If it were to be considered as a long term real estate investment, in the sense that it would become a private home in 2027, it would be quite a loss.

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Pepys Walk, London this Saturday 20th March 2004…

This Guided Walk is on this Saturday and starts from Tower Hill underground station at 2.30 pm. Will anyone be able to go to it; and if so will they be able to take any photos? (Thanks to Barbara for originally spotting this.)

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Not exactly a Pepys event, but something that may be of interest

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Music from Pepys time
Friday 11 June at 1.10 pm. Free. St Anne

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Professional Guided Tours

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Two more guided Pepys walks for 2004 from

Saturday 14 August, 2.30pm from Charing Cross "Intimate Details & Public Matters - The Westminster of Samuel Pepys"

Saturday 23 October, 2.30pm from Tower Hill "Samuel Pepys's London - Bloody, Flaming, Poxy London"

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There are three Walks this August on Tuesday with a qualified City of London Guide. Here's the blurb about them:

August 10, 17, 24:

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Saturday Guided Walk in London in August 2004

Also please see the previous entry.

Saturday 14 August 2004


2.30pm from Charing Cross

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There are five Guided Walks concerning Pepys on days in September 2004.

Monday 6th, Monday 13th, Tuesday 14th, Monday 20th, Tuesday 28th.

One of them is being organised by the MUSEUM OF LONDON:

"Pepys' City"
Mon 13 September, 2pm (120 mins)

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Not directly a Pepysian event but this weekend (Sept 18-19) is "OpenHouse London" ( when 500 buildings are open to the public, both public and private. They include buildings that are never open to the public; or are free to enter when normally there is an admission charge.

If you can visit London this weekend it would be a great chance to take some photographs to put onto this website of places that the public normally can't get to.

On first glance here are some places that are worth getting photographs of:

WESTMINSTER HALL (both exterior and interior)
THE GUILDHALL (the crypt, which is normally closed to the public, has a stained glass window of Pepys)
THE QUEENS HOUSE, GREENWICH has paintings of Pepys and his contemporaries.

If you are near any library, you can pick up a booklet listing all of the places as the website is not very helpful.

And does anyone else have any other suggestions of places to visit?

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October Guided Walks in London

There are five Guided Walks concerning Pepys on days in October 2004. These seem to stop in the Winter so this may be your last chance this year to go on one of them.

They are on: Tuesday 12th, Monday 18th, Sat 23rd, Monday 25th, and Tuesday 26th.

One of them is being organised by

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Hi. I see there hasn't been a recent entry on this site so I'm not expecting much of a response.
Anyway, my 7 year old daughter has been learning about Pepys over the last few months at school and when I mentioned that I would be taking her to London over the half term holiday (14th - 20th Feb 2005) She was very insistant about seeing something to do with Pepys. Can anyone suggest anything that would be suitable and engaging for a 7 year old. Preferably something that won't take too long as she has a very short attention span! Once the initial interest is gone, she'll be onto something else. If anyone can help, I'd be most grateful.

Glyn  •  Link

Presumably you

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