Already this year we’ve had three Pepys exhibitions in London. Now the British Library has an exhibition running until 15 June. Their site has a brief blurb:

Samuel Pepys died on 26 May 1703.

To mark this tercentenary, there is a small exhibition of books and manuscripts relating to Pepys from its collections, focussing on Pepys as a naval administrator, on his close friendship with his fellow diarist, John Evelyn, and on the means by which both these famous diaries which transformed our knowledge of Stuart England first came to be published.

In the Entrance Hall, St Pancras building.

And in fact I’ve just noticed that the Samuel Pepys Club has a page listing more events.


First Reading

Emilio  •  Link

Let me highly recommend the link to the events page above. It contains, among other things:
- Pictures of the Great Fire, the Pepys Library at Magdalene, and St. Olave's where Pepys is buried;
- A surprising number of exhibits and conferences;
- An entire *week* of celebrations at St. Olave's, including a play and a service with period music at which Claire Tomalin will be speaking;
- And most of all, a one-day course, 31 May at the National Maritime Museum, on Pepys's private life. Claire Tomalin (and others) will be speaking there as well.
I'm so jealous of those of you in the UK who can get to London for any of this!

David Quidnunc  •  Link


I read it in the Times of London, so it must be true. This discovery is so momentous that I thought it would be all right to note it here, even though this isn't quite exhibition news. Perhaps the diary entry will be put on exhibit somewhere. Here's an excerpt of the scoop, with some brave Parliamentary comments (although I'm not altogether sure the opening paragraphs reflect reality -- I'd hate to be taken in by a satire ...):…

May 22, 2003

Methinks the jester hath made a fool of Brown
Parliamentary Sketch by Ben Macintyre

THE House of Lords spoke with one

Grahamt  •  Link

Pepys and Restoration London (Study Day)
This is being held at the London Museum and the National Portrait Gallery on the 26th & 27th September respectively. It is

Roger Miller  •  Link

St Olave's was packed for the Pepys Commemorative Service earlier today.

The Lord Mayor of London was represented by Alderman Sir Alexander Graham. The Earl of Sandwich and the Masters and Wardens of the Clothworkers' Company were present.

A representative of Trinity House read the lesson which was Proverbs 31 vv10-31 - "Who can find a virtuous woman? For her price is far above rubies." - as the bust of Elizabeth Pepys looked down on the congregation.

Clair Tomalin gave the address in which she spoke about the depiction of Pepys' maid Jane Birch in the diaries and his sometimes stormy relationship with her over many years. Ms Tomalin suggested that Pepys' portrait of Jane acted as a commemoration of the vast number of girls and women who were household servants and whose existence was otherwise little documented.

The music included Henry Purcell's anthem 'Thou knowest Lord, the secrets of our hearts.' and a short motet by Matthew Locke 'Bless the Lord, O my soul.' in which we all joined.

The Lord Mayor's representative placed a laurel wreath at Pepys' memorial.

The service was conducted by The Reverend John Cowling, Rector of St Olave's.

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Samuel Pepys’ Diary Walk until October 2003

From their advertisement: “Spend two hours uncovering the city of Samuel Pepys. Using as clues his Diary, the old street patterns, and buildings past and present, we find places where the diarist lived, worked, prayed, played and shopped, and where he experienced events like the Great Fire at first hand. And glimpse the man himself!

MEET outside Tower Hill Underground Station entrance at 11 a.m. on one of the following MONDAYS:

In June: 9, 16, 23; In July: 7, 21; In August: 18; In September: 1, 8, 22; In October: 6, 20, 27. COST:

Glyn  •  Link

Last Pepys walk - see above

SEE ABOVE ENTRY re Pepys Diary Walk - our last chance for this is next Monday 27 October.

Nick Leaton  •  Link

On Monday I went on the second of these walks with my parents - purely by chance. The walk goes from the Embankment, from near the house where Pepys retired, up to the Strand. From there along to Trafalgar square and down to the houses of Parliment and the church where he was married.



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