In an annotation I’ve now lost (sorry), someone asked for more links to pages for people and places other than those that already have footnotes in the 1893 text, so that readers can add annotations. This is something I’ve considered, because the Victorian footnotes are somewhat erratic. However, if I added such links for every person and place mentioned, I’d be worried there would be too many extra pages for incidental characters about whom we will never have anything to say. That said, if you have a desire to annotate a character or place that doesn’t currently have a footnote page, simply email me with the name and the entry in which they’re mentioned. I recently set up pages for Pepys’ wife and maid after just such a request, and it’s not a problem.


First Reading

Les  •  Link

Would it possible to annotate some of the ordinary places he frequented where they still exist?
For example, the mention of visiting the Half Moon leaves me wondering if this might be what's now known as the Full Moon at the entrance to Leadenhall Market. Just a thought, maybe there's no way of knowing......seems as if there must have been almost as many ale houses then as now.

Phil  •  Link

As I say, if anyone has something to say about a location, they just have to ask me for a place to post annotations! I fear the problem with some of the locations, such as pubs, might be that no one knows anything about them these days.

PHE  •  Link

Places still in existence
I think it would be great to have a list of places (mostly buildings) that still exist so that some of us can visit them. I suggest that readers add to this list rather than asking Phil to try and do it. Eg. St Olave's Church (and perhaps his gravestone), Hinchingbrook, Westminster Hall. This would be useful for Londoners in particular, but perhaps also for non UK residents who may be interested in a bit of a tour if they visit the UK. Being able to visit places for real would greatly enhance the reality of the diaries. Perhaps photos could also be added to the website (so long as they're not 'holiday snaps'!).

Phil  •  Link

Maybe it's just a case of marking the Place pages as to whether something still exists or not. Or this might be obvious by reading the annotations. I'm planning on taking some photos of the locations before too long.

Barbara Howard  •  Link

Has there never been a publication such as "Pepys' London" or "Pepys' England", or even a "Walks around Pepys' London"(even if now out of print)? I have been looking in local library catalogues for such a book following a recent trip to London and staying in the City.

dirk  •  Link


asabelle  •  Link

"Pepys' London"
There is a book which concentrates on Sam's watering holes; which might give the same effect! Called "Drinking with Pepys", by Oscar A. Mendelsohn: MacMillan. I don't have it so Im not sure about date.
Also, is everyone REALLY sure that Spender's Diary of Elizabeth is a fake? I suspected while reading it but I came to REALLY love her. poor duck.

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