17 September 1672

17 September 1672


Enclosed are the accompts his Royal Highness expects from me for the use of the Comte D’Estrées, viz., one of the gratuities given by the King to the relations of persons slain in his service at sea. Concerning which I shall not need to observe anything further, than that by Persons Slain is meant, Slain in Fight. Loss of Life by Accidents, such as fall into the hold or otherwise out of Fight, being not therein provided for, nor is there any provision elsewhere made for such cases.

The other contains the relief, which out of the general contribution of sixpence per man a month out of each man’s wages, every seaman maimed (whether in Fight or otherwise) on board any of his Majesty’s ships is entitled to, distinguished in the value hereof according to the quality of the maim, and paid by select persons annually chosen out of the standing officers of the Navy by the title of Governors of the Chest at Chatham, to whom for this use the Treasurer of the Navy is from time to time accomptable for the sixpences before mentioned, by him collected out of each seaman’s pay.

This Sir is all I have to trouble you with at present saving the acknowledgement of all my late obligations to you, and the profession of being

Your most affectionate humble servant

S. P.

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