31 August 1672

31 August 1672


I had this morning full discourse with the Lord Howard, who was telling me how he finds himself oppressed with his prerogative of recommending on elections: and how he stands engaged to the King for Sir Francis North, to the Duchess of Cleveland for Sir John Trevor (her council and feoffee), and to the Duke for you: telling me by what circum-stances the Duke attacked him: and I find not that he hath any hesitation in the complying with the Duke on your behalf; though he be in much distraction how he shall accommo-date the other two persons. The present expedient is the putting what interests and force he can for the getting the solicitor elected at [King’s] Lynn. Yet in what particular he con-flicts with a great dilemma; because Cook, a youth of the principal estate in Norfolk, stands at Lynn, and his Lordship is tender of giving him an opposition there, because the gent, of the country do already murmur at his disposing those places, upon which he hath a full and particular influence, upon strangers and courtiers, neglecting gentlemen of the country, who hold themselves disobliged thereby; and are more reasonably, perhaps, dissatisfied, that he concerns himself at Lynn, also, where he ought to leave them to a free competition, without concerning himself.

I took no notice that I had heard anything of his con-cession to the Duke: but my advice is, that you go on Monday to give him a visit at Arundel House, where I am sure you will not find him: but you are to see the porter, to write down your name, and not forget the acquainting his Lordship that you were to wait on him. He goes on Monday into Surrey, to return on Tuesday; and perhaps to go with the King on Wednesday to the Fleet, where he will receive your letter. It is not doubted but Sir Robert will have his promised title, though I cannot yet hear that anything is yet done in it. I shall inquire somewhat more closely, and you shall receive what can be collected by, Sir,

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