14 August 1672

For his honoured friend Samuel Pepys Esquire

Clerk of the Acts of his Majesty’s Navy

at the Navy Office in Seething Lane London with care.

Burlington Bay


14 August 1672


His Royal Highness has commanded me to write to you to send away with all possible dispatch to Southwold Bay the shallop that he ordered should be made for Monsieur le Comte D’Estrées, that he may have it ready for him when we are there where we shall be in a very little time if his High-ness’s resolutions are not prevented by ill weather or some other unavoidable accidents.

He has further ordered me to acquaint you that upon a report we have here that Sir Robert Paston is to be called to the House of Lords. He spoke to my Lord Harry Howard that you might be Burgess of Rising, which his Lordship has very willingly consented to both out of obedience to the Duke’s com-mands and out of kindness to you, and therefore it will be your part to watch Sir Robert’s promotion and inquire into the truth of it and acquaint my Lord H. Howard with it; I hope you have received the letter I sent you by the Duke’s command to assure you of the care he will take in your own private affair which he mentioned to you the last time you were with him, I heartily wish that during the short time of my being in office some opportunity would happen of showing you with how much truth I am Sir

Your most faithful humble Servant

Henry Savile

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