26 March 1670

Navy Office

26 March 1670

Honoured Sir

I have a sudden occasion offered me of asking your friendship, as well as a full assurance that I shall. ‘Tis this: Mr Ascew, Clerk of Trinity House, is dead. I have a brother of my own (John Pepys), whose relation to me could not tempt me to this motion, were it not that his sobriety, diligence, and education, (being a scholar, and I think in every respect qualified for the employment in a very different proportion to what Mr Ascew’s education could render him), doth lead me to think it a service to the Corporation to offer him to them. I aim not so much at the salary for him, as the opportunity, by this means, of introducing him to that unit of business for which I have for some time designed him. He is about thirty years of age, unmarried; his life that of a scholar’s, as having resided in the University till, having past three or four years Master of Arts, I called him thence some time since to my own tuition, and that acquaintance with business which my trade could lead him to. Now, Sir, knowing your influence upon the Society of Trinity House, I pray you so far to trust my report in this matter, as to think it worthy of your countenance by a word or two between this and Wednes-day next, either to the body of that house, or such members of it as you think may be most operative, in conjunction with that assistance which your recommendation shall receive from my Lord Sandwich, Lord Craven, and my brethren of this office, who have promised me to concern themselves thoroughly in this matter, besides a letter which his Royal Highness was pleased to give me on the same behalf.

Your particular favour herein shall be owned with all possible expressions of thankfulness by

Your obedient Servant,

S. Pepys

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