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Warrington has the following: He had been gentleman of the Privy Chamber to Charles I, and resident in France for that monarch. He was created a baronet 1st Sepember 1649, and died 10th February 1683. Much is said of him in the diary of John Evelyn, who married his only child and heir; and thus became possessor of Sayes Court.

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Born 1605, died 1683.
The Companion says he was Clerk of the Privy Council 1641-72, with an official residence in Whitehall after 1660.

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Sir Richard Browne.

Browne (at the Restoration) returned unnoticed and empty-handed...undermined by the lack of recognition for his selfish service. Despite his efforts to pass the role to Evelyn, Browne was reappointed a clerk to the Privy Council, the post he had bought for £1,500 almost 20 years before.

(John Evelyn by Gillian Darley)

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