Thursday 23 November 1665

For Samuel Pepys Esqr

on[e] of the principall Officers

of his Majesties Navy

at Greenewich

Sayes Court

[23 November 1665]1


I am but just now ariv’d2; of which I will give you no farther account at present, because the post shall not goe without the direction you require, though it be not so particular as I could wish it: The last I receiv’d was from Mr Fillingham3, and since that he is gon very sick home to his owne house to which I have no other addresse then by Mr Fillingham; so that the most expeditious will be to enclose Sir Williams Letter in a paper to him with this superscription

For Mr Fillingham at Mr Loverans’s in Hadleigh to be left at Stratford beyond Colchester



Mr Conny4 (who is now with me) informes me of the indispensable necessity of having an Hospital Ship, and therfor conjures me to put you in mind of the favour: Pardon dear Sir, this abrupt scribble of


Your most humble Servant


Says-Court at

7 the Clock.

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