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San Diego Sarah  •  Link

L&M: William Symons was a comtemporary of Pepys' in the service of the Commonwealth (as an underclerk at the Council of State). He married shortly after Pepys on 9 July, 1656 at St. Margaret's, Westminster, to Margaret Sherring in a civil ceremony conducted by his uncle, Henry Scobell, a Middlesex J.P. (and clerk to the Commonwealth parliaments).

He lost his place at the Restoration and by 1669 -- no longer such a 'very brave fellow' as Pepys once thought him -- was a clerk employed at the Brooke House Committee. No doubt the fact that he was the nephew of his uncle was of less than no advantage to him in 1660.

Under Henry Scobell's will be inherited the remainder of a lease of a house in Westminster, and -- subject to certain charges -- the manor of Luffnall and Cromer in Norfolk.

Scube  •  Link

Thanks SDS. Appreciate the background.

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