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Terry Foreman  •  Link

Thomas Lucy. Soldier; commissioned captain 1666, 1678-9, 1679. He succeeded to Charlecote in 1677. (L&M Companion)

Bill  •  Link

Malone has successfully proved that Charlecote the park of Sir Thomas Lucy whence Shakespeare is said to have stolen deer did not exist as a park in the poet's time The Lucys determined not to lose the honour of being robbed by the poet have since shifted the locality.
---Traditionary anecdotes of Shakespeare. J. Dowdall, 1838.

San Diego Sarah  •  Link

One recurring theme through the annotations will be references to a 1930's children's book, The Heir of Charlecote. By 1665 I couldn't stand it any more, broke down and bought a copy -- and have since shared it with several friends. They don't write children's books like that any more. It's a 1600-ish adventure story about a young boy by the name of Lucy -- probably this Tom Lucy's grandfather.

The Heir of Charlecote is by Mark Dallow, available at www.abebooks.com .

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