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Tobin Titus  •  Link

This actually refers to Colonel "Silius" Titus. Silius is the half-brother of my 13th generation grandfathet. Robert Titus, who came to America in 1635, was born of the same father, Col Silas Titus, but had different mothers. Silas Titus served under Charles I. Silas Titus father was also named Silius. These three can often get confused in writing and I've also even seen some folks confuse Silius Titus with Titus Oates.

Michael Robinson  •  Link

Per L&M Companion:-

(c. 1623-1704). A Presbyterian royalist of Italian descent. He served in the parliamentary army but held court office from 1648 and acted as a royalist agent in the 1650's. After the Restoration he was active in the W. African trade and a member of several government committees on trade and plantations. M.P in 1660 and in five parliaments thereafter.

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