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He was an opulent merchant residing in Lincoln's Inn Field.

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Per L&M Companion:

Banks, Sir John (1627 - 99). Merchant and friend. 'Of small beginnings ', he rose to become one of the greatest merchants of the day. MP in 11 parliaments (1654-99), baronet (1661), F.R.S. (1668) and Governor of the East India Company (1673-4). During the diary period he lived in Leadenhall Street and had a country house at Aylesford, Kent, bought in 1657; later, in 1672, he acquired a fashionable town house in Lincoln's Inn Fields. Pepys first met him in 1664 and greatly admired him. At that time he was better known to Gauden, to whom he supplied hops and grain from his estate. But after the diary period Pepys became a close friend of Banks and his family, and often visited them in London and Kent. He was godfather to Caleb, the eldest son, for whom in 1677 he arranged a Grand Tour of the continent in the charge of John Locke. He was also consulted about a daughter's marriage. Banks came to Pepys rescue in 1674 when his enemies tried to deprive him of his parliamentary seat by accusing him of Popery, and several times Pepys was the means of lending the Admiralty's support to Banks in his own electoral campaigns. In 1677 they joined with others to finance an attempt to find the North - East passage.

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Coleman, Donald Cuthbert. 'Sir John Banks, baronet and businessman : a study of business, politics and society in later Stuart England.' Oxford, 1963.

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