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The “Nonsuch” was a fourth-rate of thirty-two guns, built at Deptford in 1646 by Peter Pett, jun. The captain was John Parker.

This text comes from a footnote on a diary entry in the 1893 edition edited by Henry B. Wheatley.

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Emilio  •  Link

Pepys's Nonsuch = Henry Hudson's?
[Jaie's annotation for 1 May 1660:]

Emilio  •  Link

Captain: John Parker, given commission by Pepys 1 May 1660.

Joan Murray  •  Link

Just by way of clarification: The Nonsuch ketch that proved the viability of the northern sea route to Hudson Bay and led to the founding of Hudson's Bay Company has nothing to do with Henry Hudson. The Nonsuch was built in Essex in 1650; Hudson was set adrift by his mutinous crew in 1610. http://www.hbc.com/hbcheritage/hi…

Pedro  •  Link

The Nonsuch.

The frigate was in London on the 23rd July 1653 ready to take the Portuguese Ambassador to Lisbon.

Terry Foreman  •  Link

Tho Nonsuch ketch, 8 guns, bought 1654, set to be fitted for a voyage to India; ran aground near Gibraltar the night of 1-2 December 1664; sold 1667. (L&M Index).

Pedro  •  Link

The Nonsuch

It is clear that at this time there are two ships, the Nonsutch warship and the Nonsuch Ketch, and that one of them ran aground in Gibraltar Bay when in a fleet commanded by Allin.

Allin received his commission for the Plymouth in June of 1664, and presumably he is starting on his mission to conclude a peace treaty in Algiers. He sailed from the Thames in the company of the London, which was the flag ship of Sandwich, and mentions that he sailed with 11 men-of-war and a smack. A note is added to this saying the Nonsuch Ketch with Captain Country to follow us and a smack to sound before us. The 11 ships became part of Sandwich’s squadron, and Sandwich in his journal says on the 3rd of August says that Country’s ketch sailed for Holland with his letters. Also on the 13th September he records in his company the Nonsuch Ketch.

Allin made his way to meet Lawson in the Straights. He was at Plymouth on the night of the 22nd of August and I believe that he was accompanied by a number of merchantmen, among them the London Merchant and the Naples Merchant, and no warships are named on the journey.

On the 18th September he dined with Lawson, and on the 24th there is the first mention of the Nonsuch being under the command of Captain Parker. The Phoenix is mentioned on the 8th October under Chichley. These ships appear to have already been in the Straights under Lawson, who will now make his way back to England leaving the command to Allin.

After concluding the peace he patrolled the Straights, and on the 2nd of December gives a detailed description of events after a continual rainy night that he ever saw in his life. In the morning within musket shot were four of the fleet ashore. Allin managed to get off and also the Portsmouth, but the Nonsuch sunk and all masts by the board and the Phoenix by her sunk. All help was sent to preserve the Bonaventure.

They regrouped at Malaga on the 8th went back to Gibraltar by the 11th to speak with the men left aboard the Nonsuch and the Phoenix but the Governor would not let them cross the neck of land and had to go by sea to provide the seamen with enough money to last a month.

As there was another warship called the Nonsuch built in 1668, and from the information above, I believe that it was the warship that was sunk and not the Ketch.

(Information gained from the Allin and Sandwich Journals both edited by RC Anderson)

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