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language hat  •  Link

Lived in a roomy house near the southwest corner of Axe Yard;
Pepys was attracted to her daughter.

Hhomeboy  •  Link

1746 map and street name index:

Guys, were the configurations of Ax yard and King st. (which ran North-South (?) past Whitehall into London) different in 1660 than they were in this marvelous mid-18th century map?

Because if so, then direction challenged me doesn't see a South-West corner of Ax yard...


I've got the index URL in my tool bar, so I switch to the map when Sam describes his London peregrinations & pub crawls:


language hat  •  Link

"southwest corner of Axe Yard":
I'm assuming this means the far left end of the street, on the south side.

Second Reading

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Chart showing the number of references in each month of the diary’s entries.