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Cow's milk ws drunk but, again, the risk of contamination was recognised. It was possible for milk to be bought 'on the hoof', so to speak, and this was thought to eliminate some of the risks inherent in consuming preproduced milk.

For babies and those with delicate constitutions, there were milch asses led about the streets which, again, provided milk on the hoof.

michael f vincent  •  Link

Chocolate hit London 1657:
came via the aztecs and C Columbus and Spain:
The first Chocolate House in England opened in London in 1657 followed rapidly by many others. Like the already well established coffee houses they were used as clubs where the wealthy and business community met to smoke a clay pipe of tobacco, conduct business and socialise over a cup of chocolate.

another reading for "ovaltine ala "

http://www.chocolates-n-coffee.4t… IN EUROPE
another titbit:
Charles I chef provided ice cream for one of his big events. Not a bad chap after all.

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