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small summary:

Sarah hired 22nd Nov '61,brought her stuff on the 23rd [Sam be most pleased, she be tall and well favoured wench ] counted in the Sams censoring of his status on the 31st Dec '61; then became very sick [ague march 14th '62, scared S & E ; they moved themselves to another less comfortable bed, Sarah continued being sick 'til 27th of March, then there were plans to send the Lass to Brampton, then to Bowyers place in Huntsmore {Mary Bower was the girl that introduced Sarah to Eliza}. [still sick?????] was replaced by OLD Jane;

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By May 1662, Sarah was well and accompanied Elizabeth wherever she went. On 13 June, "in the evening my wife and I, and Sarah and the boy, a most pleasant walk to Halfway house "
Of a sudden, on 10 July. Sam records: "when my wife was up, did call her and Sarah, and did make up a difference between them, for she is so good a servant as I am loth to part with her."
This quarrel will continue until November, when it becomes a quarrel between Elizabeth and Sam; and on 2 December, Sam records: "my wife and I had another falling out about Sarah, against whom she has a deadly hate, I know not for what, nor can I see but she is a very good servant." By then and it is clear that she must go, and so she did, on 5 December 1662.

-- to be replaced as chamber-maid by Jane Birch http://www.pepysdiary.com/encyclopedia/149/ and this, just as Sam a companion for Elizabeth arrived, Winifred Gosnell http://www.pepysdiary.com/encyclopedia/5618/

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Correction, she went away on 9 December in the afternoon, and she "cried mightily" and Pepys and Sarah were fain to do so as well.

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