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Terry Foreman  •  Link

John (Jack) Davis, jun. was appointed to a Navy Office clerkship c. 1661. His father also held one. (L&M Companion)

San Diego Sarah  •  Link

Sunday 11 November 1660
(Lord’s day). "This morning I went to Sir W. Batten’s ..., he and I went to Church into our new gallery, ..., there came after us Sir W. Pen, Mr. Davis, and his eldest son."
[The father was Clerk to Navy Board member Lord Berkeley of Stratton: http://www.pepysdiary.com/encyclo… ]

Wednesday 30 January 1660/61
(Fast day). "... Sir W. Pen and I into Moorfields ..., it being a most pleasant day, and besides much discourse did please ourselves to see young Davis and Whitton, two of our clerks, going by us in the field, who we observe to take much pleasure together, and I did most often see them at play together."

Saturday 23 May 1663
"... I had a fray with Sir J. Minnes in defence of my Will in a business where the old coxcomb would have put a foot upon him, which was only in Jack Davis and in him a downright piece of knavery in procuring a double ticket and getting the wrong one paid as well as the second was to the true party. But it appeared clear enough to the board that Will was true in it."

So young Jack was a bit wild, but his mother "Pepys referred to her as "my Lady Davis," apparently in light of her temperament and her pull in the Navy Office's Seething Lane housing-complex."

Monday 1 February 1663/64
"... I found Mr. Strutt the purser ... tells me ... how young Jack Davis has railed against Sir W. Batten for his endeavouring to turn him out of his place, at which for the fellow’s sake, because it will likely prove his ruin, I am sorry, though I do believe he is a very arch rogue."

We hear no more about young Jack the arch rogue's shenanigans, so this threat of loss of housing evidently made the right impression.

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