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Wheatley: "Daniel Milles, D.D., thirty-two years rector of St. Olave's, Hart Street, and buried there, October 1689, aged sixty-three. He was appointed April 17th 1657. Newcourt ('Repertorium') writes, 'Dan Mills was admitted to the church in the late times of the usurpation by the Commission for approving of Publick Preachers, but at whose presentation I know not.' In 1667 Sir Robert Brooks presented him to the rectory of Wanstead, in Essex, which he also held till his death."

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"Mr. Mills, the parson, and his wife, who is a neighbour

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All of Pepys' Diary references to Dr. Milles are excerpted here:
But it gives no further information about the man.

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This is a list of fellows of the Royal Society elected in its 16th year, 1675:
Sir Philip Percivale (1656–1680)
Daniel Milles (1626–1689)
George Savile 1st Marquess of Halifax (1633–1695)
Sir Paul Whichcote, 2nd Baronet (1643–1721)

Daniel Milles (1626 - 1689)
Burial: St. Olave's, Hart Street, London (30 March 1689)
Profession: Clergyman, Church of England
Education: St. Catharine's College, Cambridge; BA (1646), MA (1649), DD (1679)
Career: Fellow of St. Catharine's;
Ordained priest (1656);
Rector of St. Olave, Hart Street, London (1658-1689);
Rector of Wanstead, Essex (1667-1689);
President of Sion College (1670-1672);
expelled from the Royal Society (1685) -- Membership: Fellow Election Date: 14/01/1675 Proposers: William, Viscount Brouncker Council: 1675-1676.


Slim pickings for such a well-documented time. I'd like to know more about his Royal Society problem as Dr. Milles didn't die for another 4 years.
And how did he meet his wife, Elizabeth, who was a Brampton girl? Brampton wouldn't be considered close to Cambridge in his college days; maybe as a Fellow someone introduced them?

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