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Paul Brewster  •  Link

From the L&M Companion:
(d. 1679) Violinist and wind player, member of the King's Musick from the Restoration, but known as a violin virtuoso as early as 1653, when he is referred to in a poem by Nicholas Hookes.

vincent  •  Link

Nicholas Hookes " Amanda, a sacrifice to an unknown goddesse" 1653

Michael Robinson  •  Link

From Wheatley note to entry for Dec 21st. 1663

"... the earliest note of Madge is in a docquet (sic), 1661, for the allowances of immediate liveries L16 2s. 6d. each and an allowance of like liveries yearly to Nicholas Lanier, Henry Lawes, Charles Coleman, George Hudson, David Mall, John Hingeston, Humfrey Madge, and William Gregory. ("State Papers") He appears as a "Musitian IN Ordianry" in a list of the household attributed to July 1663, in "Calendar of State Papers" (Dom Ser., Charles II ., vol. lxxxvi, p 67), but certainly earlier as it contains the name of Henry Lawes, who died in October 1662. Madges's name also occurs in Eg[erton] 2159 (Brit. Mus.), in a list endorsed, "the orders for the Musitians," as one of the twenty-four violins under Grebus' leadership, annexed to the order of the King's Treasurer of February 21 st. 1668-9."

Second Reading

Bill  •  Link

Probably Henry Madge, who was one of the King's twenty-four fiddlers in 1674.
---Wheatley, 1899.

Bill  •  Link

the Christian name of Madge is given by mistake as Henry.

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