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Baron, Hartgill 1660-1673
App. 1658 at Brussels by Charles II in exile (CSPD 1668-9, p. 208); placed in office instead of Charles Bickerstaffe 26 July 1660 (Diary of Samuel Pepys, ed. R. Latham and W. Matthews (1970-83), i, 207, 208, 235, 236). D. by 10 Dec. 1673 (Letters of Sir Joseph Williamson 1673-4, ed. W.D. Christie (Camden Soc., 1874), ii, 93; PSO 5/11, adm. of John Richards).

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Hartgill Baron was appointed Clerk of the Privy Seal at the Restoratiion. http://www.history.ac.uk/publications/office/priv…


"There are four of these officers, who attend the ford privy seal, or. in the absence of the lord privy seal, the principal secretary of state. Their duty is to write and make out all things that are sent by warrant from the signet to the privy seal, and which are to be passed to the great seal; and also to make out privy seals (as they are termed) upon any special occasion of his majesty’s affairs, as for the loan of money and such like purposes." (Black's Law Dictionary)

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Bickerstaffe doesn't seem to have left office peacefully:

Feb. 24 [1669]. Petition of Hartgill Baron, clerk of the Privy Seal, to the King, Whitehall, to summon Charles Bickerstaff to a hearing, for interfering with the petitioner's right to his office, which was conferred on him at Brussels in 1658, and has been confirmed since the Restoration.
---Calendar of State Papers, Domestic Series, October 1668 to December 1669

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