Thursday 22 April 1669

Up, and to the Office, where all the morning. At noon home to dinner, and Captain Deane with us; and very good discourse, and particularly about my getting a book for him to draw up his whole theory of shipping, which, at my desire, he hath gone far in, and hath shewn me what he hath done therein, to admiration. I did give him a Parallelogram, which he is mightily taken with; and so after dinner to the Office, where all the afternoon till night late, and then home. Vexed at my wife’s not being come home, she being gone again abroad with M. Batelier, and come not home till ten at night, which vexed me, so that I to bed, and lay in pain awake till past one, and then to sleep.

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Robert Gertz  •  Link

Wonder if that was pain, pain or vexation pain...If vexation pain, a bit eerie...Foreboding, perhaps?

Terry Foreman  •  Link

"Captain Deane [talked] about my getting a book for him to draw up his whole theory of shipping, which, at my desire, he hath gone far in"

This became *Deane's Doctrine for Naval Architecture*, published in 1670, now seen as one of the most important texts in the history of naval architecture, dedicated to Pepys. L&M note it was illustrated with drawings of ships of every rate [incl. all critical dimensions] Evelyn later wrote of it: 'I esteeme this one booke above any of the Syllbas, & it is an extraordinary Jewel.'
[ It is still available.… ]

JWB  •  Link

Getting into his books...

The entry where Pepys first meets Deane, calling him Mr. Day, is worth re-reading. Note who's getting into whose books & how.…

ONeville  •  Link

Deane is only young. Obviously one of Sam's high flyers.

Carl in Boston  •  Link

I suppose the gift of a parallelogram to Deane was for his use in copying illustrations into his book. It seems like this was a blank book, gift from Pepys for the project, which Deane filled with his notes and drawings, which then was taken by a printer and an engraver to make a press run from the manuscript book. I suppose Pepys was picking Deane's brain, knowing this was a good thing for the Navy. I bet Pepys kept this original book and kept this manuscript as well as some printed copies in his library. Any idea how to get into the catalog at Magdalen College and see if the original manuscript is there? What a priceless original that would be.

Terry Foreman  •  Link

Carl, the aforementioned L&M note says the book is 2910 in the Pepysian Library.

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