Wednesday 16 December 1668

I did the like all day long, only a little at dinner, and so to work again, and were at it till 2 in the morning, and so W. Hewer, who was with me all day, home to his lodging, and I to bed, after we had finished it.

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Terry Foreman  •  Link

"and so W. Hewer, who was with me all day, home to his lodging"

Does anyone know where Hewer lodges now?

Katherine  •  Link

I always imagined the people who lived by candlelight to be early to bed and early to rise, so I'm continually surprised that Sam's work day seems to have no end to it. Up till 2 in the morning! No wonder his eyesight is shot.

sue nicholson  •  Link

Will Hewer moved into lodgings on Crutched Friars, a couple of minutes' walk away, in November 1663. There was a falling out between Sam and Will, who he accused of "corrupting the maids by his idle talk and carriage" (31.10.1663). A bit rich in the light of Sam's own behaviour.

Robert Gertz  •  Link

“corrupting the maids by his idle talk and carriage”

Like surrogate father, like surrogate son...Though Will always seems a rather inept ladies' man with a strong boyish attachment to Bess. I can't help feeling we'd see mucho grumpings plus not a little voyuerish interest on Sam's part if Will were more successful in l'amour regardless of whether he lives a few blocks away.

Naturally given Sam's platonic and touching love for his divine Lady Jemina, I could be totally wrong...And Hewer the worst of rakes in the bad old city, corrupting the new clerks in his turn until the Naval Office has become known as the YWNA, with only poor Hayter and Gibson and the clueless Minnes avoiding the sink of office iniquity.

"Pardon sir...Short for my lodgings, could you help a poor girl from the country with no friend or family?"

"Indeed..." Dashing sweep of cloak...I don't care, what Mr. P doesn't see, doesn't matter... "Young girl, there's a place you can go..."

"Truly, sir...?" wide-eyed...

"I say, young woman there's a place you can go...Go now to the Naval Office...We have everything you need, just go there..."

Cut to Naval Office, chorus of Commissioners, Admiral Sir Will, clerks...Sam...

Hayter, Gibson sighing at desks...Not again...

"YWNA...You're always welcome at the YWNA...We have everything that you need to get by...You can flirt with all us guys now. (Excepting reformed me, Sam notes carefully) Woo...Woo...Woo...Woo..."

(I think I'm really going to like that we extended our grasping grip here, Buckingham...Arlington notes to Villiers in chorus line)

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