Thursday 17 December 1668

Up, and set my man Gibson and Mr. Fists to work to write it over fair, while I all the morning at the office sitting. At noon home to them, and all the afternoon looking over them and examining with W. Hewer, and so about to at night I to bed, leaving them to finish the writing it fair, which they did by sitting up most of the night, and so home to bed.

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The Royal Society today at Arundel House — from the Hooke Folio Online

Dec: 17. - there was made an Expt. in prosecution of the notion That Springinesse is the cause of Rebounding. vizt a Woode globe was let fall against wood, a gutt string & a brasse wire in the first case the Rebounding was Languid, & of a very short Duration: in the 2d. it was much stronger, and more Durable, in the Last strongest and most Durable of all. which was conceiued to proceed from the differing degrees of the force of the Spring in the seuerall bodys employed.

The Curator took occasion to mention that he thought the air next to quicksilver gaue the quickest & most forcible reflection; and that the sparkling of Diamants in Rings proceeded from the air Left behind the stones.

Dr. Wrens theory of the Collision of Bodys produced &c. --

The curator was orderd to take care tht the Expts. be made before the Society, to verify the seuerall cases relating to the theory produced -- mr Hooke was Desired to bring in what [end of text here]…

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The Lords Commissioners of the Treasury being informed ly His Majesties Grand Commiffioners of Excise sitting in Aldersgate-street London, that notwithstanding due publication is made by them from time so time, what Tallies are paying in course upon the Countrey Excise; yet that several persons have neglected to bring in their Tallies and receive their Moneys due thereupon, though ready, to His Majesties great prejudice: Their Lordships have thought fit to order, and do hereby publifh that such as have, or shall neglect to bring in their T allies, and take their Moneys in their course, when the fame is ready for them, that they shall have no Interest allowed for the fame, any longer than to that time that the fame was ready and remained in Cafh for them.

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L&M transcribe "about 10 at night" as Pepys's bedtime.

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Truly a Team Pepys effort to protect the office...Hope he gave Gibson and Fists the next morning off at least...

ONeville  •  Link

Mr Fists seems to be a good chap to have on your side.

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