Tuesday 17 November 1668

Up, and to the Office all the morning, where the new Treasurers come, their second time, and before they sat down, did discourse with the Board, and particularly my Lord Brouncker, about their place, which they challenge, as having been heretofore due, and given to their predecessor; which, at last, my Lord did own hath been given him only out of courtesy to his quality, and that he did not take it as a right at the Board: so they, for the present, sat down, and did give him the place, but, I think, with an intent to have the Duke of York’s directions about it. My wife and maids busy now, to make clean the house above stairs, the upholsters having done there, in her closet and the blue room, and they are mighty pretty. At my office all the afternoon and at night busy, and so home to my wife, and pretty pleasant, and at mighty ease in my mind, being in hopes to find Deb., and without trouble or the knowledge of my wife. So to supper at night and to bed.

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Chris Squire  •  Link

'place n. . . III. Senses relating to position or situation with reference to its occupation or occupant.
. . 13. a. A position or station occupied by custom, entitlement, or right; an allotted position; a space or position allocated to or reserved for a person; . .
. . 1745 E. Haywood Female Spectator III. 32 Tho' Eudosia kept her Place at the Head of the Table, yet nothing was served up to it but what was ordered by Laconia . . ' [OED]

Robert Gertz  •  Link

"'Dr. Albion'?"

"Daughter?" Alex removes wig and false beard...

"Hello, Father. How is...She...?"

"Now, Elisabeth...The girl seems quite nice. I'm certain you were right and it was all Samuel's doing...As you did say."

"I can hope I was wrong..." Bess sighs.

"...And speaking of your rather odd husband...With his bizarre habit of seeking after but avoiding me..." Alex notes, hesitantly. "No chance he's aware I'm back in London and living under this assumed name, is there?"

"Is that Mr. Pepys again?" Deb's voice calling... "Please tell him I don't want...Oh..." Deb, staring...


Mary  •  Link

"hopes to find Deb without trouble or the knowledge of my wife."

Sam's promises to Elizabeth in this matter resemble the verbal contracts that Cecil B. DeMille dismissed as "Not worth the paper they're written on."

Robert Gertz  •  Link

Ok, so now it seems poor Deb has had to take a position with a "broken sort of fellow" who hides himself...ie, someone likely in severe danger of debt collectors? And Sam wants to "lighten" her burdens by way of risking further damage to her rep, loss of what is probably not much of a job but the best she can get for now, if not serious risk of pregnancy?

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