Friday 2 October 1668

[In this part of the “Diary” no entry occurs for thirteen days, though there are several pages left blank. During the interval Pepys went into the country, as he subsequently mentions his having been at Saxham, in Suffolk, during the king’s visit to Lord Crofts, which took place at this time (see October 23rd, host). He might also probably have gone to Impington to fetch his wife. The pages left blank were never filled up. — B.]

[On this day Pepys and the Mountagus stayed in Guildford. — P.G.]

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Terry Foreman  •  Link

Meanwhile, in London

Oct. 2 - Order registered on the Royal Aid for 175l. 18s. 4d. to Lord John Berkeley and the other Commissioners for executing the office of Master of the Ordnance.
'Entry Book: October 1668', Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 2: 1667-1668 (1905), pp. 623-630. URL:…

Australian Susan  •  Link

Could RG fill in some blanks?? Please?

Carl in Boston  •  Link

Yes, RG, fill in the blanks. Fiction is better than Science, when there's nothing to be said contrarywise.

Robert Gertz  •  Link

"They say it never rains in Southern Catalonia...It never rains in Catalonia, but lass, let Montagu warn ya..."

We had to give him that guitar, Sam sighs...As the coach rolls on.


That den of iniquity...Where the human Prince of Darkness aka the Bishop of Rome spins his fiendish web...

"Thy face is pale and why dost thou tremble so, Cardinal? Speak. Or forever have thy tongue held..."

"Holiness...Lord Sandwich of the heretic English..."

"Returns to England? Even as our beloved son Louis' plans move to fruition?"

"Ay, Holiness...Montagu is recalled. His disgrace mitigated by the current crisis. And he is joined by..."

"The one man of action who could imperil our schemes...United with the one capable administrator left to the heretic government?" grim tone...


Saw that coming a mile away...Priests note to each other. Eyeing the closing trap door...

"Bad news indeed. But, we must deal..." shrug...Smile... "Bishop, the most unfortunate sudden demise of the Cardinal requires your immediate elevation as our leading expert on England and France. Congratulations, Cardinal...And Papal Legate to the French court with plenipotary powers for England."

Good day for me...The chosen one reflects.

"Do not fail us, Legate...King Louis' plans to undermine the heretic England's government and return her to the blessed fold through the destruction of Parliament must succeed. Montagu must not be allowed to join with Pepys in restoring the English fleet and thereby the English government to power and security. Chaos must reign in England...And those opposing our policies there, removed."

Hmmn? Stare... "Removed?"

Frown...Only for you would I be so explicit, kid...

"That means..." finger drawn across throat...

"Ah...Right, Papa."

Grim look...Boy...

"Uh...Holy Papa...Father...Holiness." rather young Cardinal bows. Sorry, Dad, but I was only made a priest three days ago...And Bishop, yesterday...

"We rejoice in being known as the father of our flock, Cardinal." icy smile...

Idiot boy...

"But to work now...Employ all instruments at our disposal."

As in, make that expensive education in international politics and intelligence both overt and co- pay off, kid. Hard stare...

"Si, Holiness...Gratzi."

"All instruments...?" the departing young Cardinal hisses to fellow cardinal/assistant.

"Among other things, Holiness refers to our agents in England..."

"Oh...What agents?..."

Perhaps I should kill myself right now and avoid the inevitable Inquisition...the addressed assistant cardinal sighs...

"The list in your office, Cardinal? Death to mention the names in public?"

"Oh, right...Say, this mean I get to meet with that hot young kid we placed with that Pepys guy? God, I mean I know I'll be in Paris but that girl, she is just...You saw her picture, what was her name again...Wilma...Willet?"

Poison or the Tiber I would say are my only choices, the cardinal sighs again...


Will Norton  •  Link

Dear Friends

The BBC has a second week-long series of Pepy's diary:…

The link works here in France - so I hope you may all enjoy it wherever you are.

Robert Gertz  •  Link

Or, perhaps things went this way…

Several nights from now…2011


“Judi…Ian…” beaming smile… “Here for my lecture are you?”

Both grimly eye their fellow thespian…Treacherous traitor fellow thespians with “that’s Dame Judi” “Sir Ian” looks.

“Derek…” cold nod by Sir Ian… “We merely came to see if it was true that you plan to give further credience to a film fantasy as silly as my prating about Christ with Hanks.”


“One might assume…Were one to believe such notions…That I actually have mutant powers…” Sir Ian continues…Glancing up to overhead lighting which begins to sway suddenly…Dame Judi fixing Sir Derek with hard stare…

“One might very well assume so…” cold tone as only “M” can…

More swaying as Sir Derek stares up…


“Good luck with your lecture, Derek.” Icy smile…Both move to seats…

Spotlight on Sir Derek…

“Ummn…” smile… “I th-th-thought tonight rather than indulge in more sp-sp-speculation about which we can not possibly know…” nervous glance up…Lights rocking dangerously…

“I might take up a topic of interest in literary detection of which there is real evidence…”

Curt nod from Sir Ian in audience… Swaying halts at once…

“Suppose I told you…” dramatic hush… “That everything you know about that brilliant and legendary figure of English literature, Samuel Pepys, and his famed Diary…Was untrue?”

“I’d say who gives a bloody…Since our jobs are off the line…” Dame Judi hisses to Sir Ian…

London…The Star Chamber…1668…

Two figures bound in chairs, heads covered in hoods...

"Whoever is out there?! I demand to be released! I'd have you know you're dealing with the Royal Clerk of the Acts of His Majesty's Navy!"

"Sam'l?! Is that you?" voice of hooded figure in adjacent chair.

Second Reading

Stephane Chenard  •  Link

A bleep from the Pepys tracker: It has now seen a letter from Ludkin to Williamson, State Paper No. 116 dated October 6, which says the King passed through Ipswich "on Saturday", October 3, "on his way from Lord Croft's house". If so, this Friday is the latest when he must have been at Croft's, whose digs in Bury St. Edmunds are, like the rest of the King's wanderings in the next few days, northeast of London and nowhere near Guildford or the road from Portsmouth to London, which are far to the south and southwest. So we don't see how Sam can have been with "at Saxham [a village near Bury] (...) during the king's visit", and overnighting in Guildford with Sandwich within less than a couple days at least. If October 1 is when he met My Lord in Southwick, he would have had to turn back immediately after handing over the £500 to be in Bury by October 3.

Maybe all will become clear on October 23? We understand that Sam will leave no doubt on his having been in the king's party. Maybe Charles also stopped at Bury on his way back to London? A bio of the baron (at…) says "Charles visited Baron Crofts at Saxham at least four times, in March 1666, October 1668, April 1670 and October 1676. The main purpose of his visits appears to be to have a good time!"

San Diego Sarah  •  Link

The volume covering correspondence from Oct. 1668 to Dec. 1669 is at…

Oct. 2 1668.
Sir Nich. Armorer to Williamson.

After the death of a fox and leash of hares, besides a brave horse race at Newmarket, I have reached Cambridge, on my way to Kimbolton, where I shall stay till Monday, when his Majesty will return to Newmarket.

Do not fail to let me have a cast of your office.

Lord Thomond won the great race, and as a frolic, I betted 2 guineas for you, which we have won.

Noted, “At Kimbolton, to be left with the postmaster of Huntingdon; to be sent with speed.”
(11 pages. S.P. Dom., Car. II. 247, No. 85.]
Kimbolten Castle is the home of Gen. Edward Montagu, 2nd Earl of Manchester ... Sandwich's cousin. They both quit Cromwell's cause in disgust, and quietly worked for Charles II's return, which is why Manchester is now Lord Chamberlain.…

It's over 40 miles from Kimbolton to Newmarket, so I don't think Armorer is going there for the racing.

Oct. 2 1668.
Earl of Thomond to Williamson.

The Lord Steward keeps the best table here.

[Sir Nich.] Armorer brought 2 guineas from himself and you, which were improved on Thump's victory, won by a yard, and so strait the entire 6 miles.

The King is highly pleased with all his Newmarket recreations; up by candle-light yesterday morning, and this morning, hunting the hare;
in the afternoon he hawks, and courses with greyhounds;

to Harwich tomorrow,

and on Monday here again.

The Cup will be ridden for next week before the Queen;
as you prize earthly paradises, you are to bring a maid of honour behind you next week.

Thanks for intelligences.
[S.P. Dom., Car. II. 247, No. 86.]

Oct. 2 1668.
Suffolk Street
Elizabeth, Lady Dysart to Williamson.

I desire you to forward a letter enclosed, to [SECRETARY OF STATE FOR SCOTLAND, JOHN MAITLAND, 2nd EARL OF] Lord Lauderdale at Newmarket, and take care for the delivery of it and of the answer, as it is of some importance to me.

I am going out of town, but will return on Monday, and send to your office for any letters.
[S.P. Dom., Car. II. 247, No. 87.]
The widowed Elizabeth Murray Tollemache, the Countess of Dysart in her own right, has known Lauderdale for decades ... she probably saved his life after the second battle of Worcester by pointing out to Cromwell that he was a SCOTTISH lord and could not legally be executed. Their affair becomes so blatent that Elizabeth Home, Duchess of Lauderdale, goes to live in Paris where she dies in 1672. Dysart and Lauderdale wed weeks after her death ... most unseemly!!! This letter leads me think she had designs on him already.…

San Diego Sarah  •  Link

Oct. 2 1668.
Fras. Rogers to Williamson.

I find that putting off the Parliament has filled men's minds with suspicions that they are going to be governed in an arbitrary way, and that an army is to be raised; but these are fancies of their own making.

I told Mr. Norris that the way to get an ensigncy in the Guards was by money, and he assured me it could be found, but “wanted a man of honour to make the business with the Colonel”;
if that may be done by your favour, Mr. Norris may be advanced as he desires.

I am to be addressed at Hereford.
[S.P. Dom., Car. II. 247, No. 88.]

Oct. 2 1668.
Rich. Watts to [Williamson].

A French lord and his lady, with some 5 Frenchmen, arrived at Dover from Calais.
The Frenchmen quarselling, about half seas over, had nearly sunk the vessel.

On arriving, they ran upon the rocks to the south of the pier-head, where the vessel broke in pieces, and the lady, to escape, leaped overboard to the shore, but slipped from the rock.
Her lord offered a crown for one to fetch her, but none would undertake the work without 6, so the lord paid it, and one brought her out almost dead.

Great search is making for a trunk lost worth 300/., as also for other things of value.

The ship that brought over Lord Sandwich has arrived in the Downs.
The wind is high.

With postscript,
3 Oct.
There are 22 sail of outward-bound ships come into the Downs;
I will take special care of your Lisbon packet.
[S.P. Dom., Car. II. 247, No. 89.]

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