Sunday 16 August 1668

(Lord’s day). All the morning at my Office with W. Hewer, there drawing up my Report to the Duke of York, as I have promised, about the faults of this Office, hoping thereby to have opportunity of doing myself [something]. At noon to dinner, and again with him to work all the afternoon till night, till I was weary and had despatched a good deal of business, and so to bed after hearing my wife read a little.

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'Charles II: August 1668', in Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Charles II, 1667-8, ed. Mary Anne Everett Green (London, 1893), pp. 516-565. British History Online…

Aug. 16. 1668
The Sovereign.
Capt. John Hubbard to the Navy Commissioners.

I weighed from the buoy of the Spitts this morning, and by 2 p.m. anchored
in Chatham river.

The Roe Kitchen came in with me;
she has orders from Sir Jer. Smith to return to him in the Downs;

the Emsworth sloop also came with me, and fetched water for me; she awaits your orders.
[S.P. Dom., Car. II. 244, No. 190.]

Aug. 16. 1668
The Monmouth, Culver Cliffs. Isle of Wight
Sir Thos. Allin to Matthew Wren.

I met with the Montague and 4 other ships, which make great complaint of the want of sails, cables, &c.;
I have helped them what I can, to prevent their return to Spithead,
and have sent off the Deptford ketch to fetch all officers belonging to them,
and meet me at the Needles or Cadiz.

I am laying by for the Garland and Francis.

I heard you had sent me colours by the ship in the Downs,
which is now come in, but I have no colours, and hear of none by the waggons,
so I plainly see all the discourse is vain, and am forced to go to sea with rags,
and borrow of Peter to pay Paul.

The sails for the Montague were also said to be sent, but have not come.

[S.P. Dom., Car. II. 244, No. 191.]
Poor Adm. Allin. Can’t even get sails and flags. I wonder what he had to say to Pepys when they met last month!!!?

Aug. 16? 1668
Petition of Wm. Mitchell to the King,
for pardon, and suspension of the order for his transportation,
upon perusal of the petition and certificate annexed.

[S.P. Dom., Car. II. 244, No. 192.]

Petition of Wm. Mitchell to the King,
for an order to Lord Chief Justice Kelynge to certify the nature of his offence,
and for his transportation meantime to be stayed.

By the malicious prosecution of Mr. Lightfoot, his master, he was convicted of
felony at the Kingston Assizes, but the Lord Chief Justice, being so well satisfied of his innocency, reprieved him after judgment.
With reference thereon, 14 August 1668,
to Lord Chief Justice Kelynge, and his report, 15 August,
that the petitioner was attainted for stealing a horse;
but being informed that the prosecutor had some private displeasure against
him, he reprieved him,
and included his name amongst other prisoners convicted of felony, as a fit
object for his Majesty to pardon his life, upon condition of being transported,
which pardon has passed the Great Seal,
and persons have given security for his and the others' transportation.
[S.P. Dom., Car. II. 244. No. 192i.]

San Diego Sarah  •  Link

Aug. 16. 1668
Rich. Watts to [Williamson].

Sir Rob. Southwell, Ambassador for Constantinople [Portugal?],
has sailed from the Downs,
and also 80 ships outward bound.

An English vessel has sunk near Havre de Grace, and all her men were
the men of the ship who saw it lost their cables and anchor, and had great
difficulty in getting into the Downs.

One from Lisbon says the King Regent there [Don Pedro] has married the wife of the deposed King [Alfonso VI], by dispensation from the Pope.
[S.P. Dom., Car. II. 244, No. 195.]

Aug. 16. 1668
Hugh Salesbury to Williamson.

Sir Thos. Allin and his fleet are out of sight, and have a favourable gale;
the Garland sails to-morrow.
[S.P. Dom., Car. II. 244, No. 196.]

Aug. 16. 1668
B.J. [Ben Johnson] to Williamson.

Sir Thos. Allin with the fleet has sailed,
and the Montague and 2 others will follow him.

The Rupert only is at Spithead, and is ordered to come in.
Those who wrote formerly have not come up with the Rupert, but are expected.
[S.P. Dom., Car. II. 244, No. 197.]

Aug. 16. 1668
Capt. Ant. Deane to Williamson.

Sir Thos. Allin has sailed with his whole squadron, as also the Garland and
Francis for Sallee.

The Resolution and Warspite are to be paid off and laid up.
[S.P. Dom., Car. II. 244, No. 198.]

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