Thursday 30 August 1666

Up and all the morning at the office, dined at home, and in the afternoon, and at night till two in the morning, framing my great letter to Mr. Hayes about the victualling of the fleete, about which there has been so much ado and exceptions taken by the Generalls.

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Robert Gertz  •  Link

"Letter from Mr. Pepys, eh? Well, Hayes?"

"All twenty-five pages, sir?"


"To sum up, sir. 'We dinna do it.' In twenty-five closely spaced pages."

"I see. Well, send back thirty...Closely spaced pages, in sum... 'God-damn ye, sir ye did.'"

"Yes, sir."

Andrew Hamilton  •  Link

Spoiler alert

The Oxford Dictionary of National Biography has posted a free on-line essay on the Great Fire of London that broke out Sunday Sept. 2, 1666 (essentially three days hence in the diary timeline).…

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