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About Thursday 24 August 1665

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"We don't want competence and experience. ..we want an outsider who knows nothing!" Prophetic words ten years ago, Robert! Greetings from the age of Trump. What would Sam have made of these times i wonder

About Saturday 31 December 1664

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Yes. Happy new year all. So glad this is going round for a second time- it makes my morning every day. - Hopes for a good year in 2018-we seem to be living in times at least as interesting as those of Sam, unfortunately.

About Wednesday 14 September 1664

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I agree, and am already planning to jump aboard the diary when it comes round again in 1660. Can't imagine my morning coffee without it.

About Monday 14 March 1663/64

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Do we have any idea what Pepys actually called his wife, Elizabeth? Lizzie? Bess? Beth? Elisa? It would be great to know. And is there any evidence that Sam was called Sam and not Samuel by his friends and family?

About Wednesday 7 August 1661

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Locally, (welsh border) having your bait is the food you have late morning as breakfast, when you started work early. Used commonly by builders and farmers. And yes, Michelle, also used round here for your packed lunch at school.

About Monday 6 May 1661

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Interesting point, Jackie. The fact that girls were less valuable and less doctored, led to their greater survival, and ability to take power is something to ponder on...

About Thursday 2 May 1661

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Frustrating how many links have expired- we are definately second generation pepysists in 2014. Good luck with the links, you readers in 2024!

About Wednesday 3 April 1661

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Ten years on and still burbling about calendars! Thought you might like to know that Cwm Gwuan in pembrokeshire still uses the Julien calendar when celebrating new year. We also perform our mummers play on old twelfth night in Herefordshire.

About Thursday 28 March 1661

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Hi Chester. I am also new- like you been reading it every day for months. Most of the commentators are from ten years ago, so its nice to know there are some other current readers. I would love a wall-map of Pepys's london if anyone knows where I can buy one.