Sunday 11 March 1665/66

(Lord’s day). Up, and by water to White Hall, there met Mr. Coventry coming out, going along with the Commissioners of the Ordnance to the water side to take barge, they being to go down to the Hope. I returned with them as far as the Tower in their barge speaking with Sir W. Coventry and so home and to church, and at noon dined and then to my chamber, where with great pleasure about one business or other till late, and so to supper and to bed.

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jeannine  •  Link

It should be interesting to see how Sam's relationships with the likes of Mr. Coventry, Albermarle (and the other 'enemies of Lord Sandwich') progress over time. With Lord Sandwich gone Sam won't be in danger of being spotted by one team when he's talking to the other, etc.

cape henry  •  Link

"...where with great pleasure about one business or other till late..." Not only is this often the most pleasurable way to work, it can also be the most creative and efficient. This is the work which is neither labor nor toil, but freedom. Always good to find yourself there.

A. Hamilton  •  Link

A glimpse of yet another level of the pyramid of power under the brothers Stuart, government business, opportunities for profit, etc: "there met Mr. Coventry coming out, going along with the Commissioners of the Ordnance." Navy stores, ordnance,Tangier: what is Sir William not interested in?

Robert Gertz  •  Link

Poor Lady Jem, by the way...Left in Hinchingbroke with doubtless little idea when or if Sandwich will be back from his sojourn in Spain. And knowing what a provident fellow Montagu is for his family...

No wonder she likes cousin Sam so much...

Meanwhile, in Spain...

"Our hearts are filled with happiness to welcome..." court official chokes out words... "The honorable Lord (stinking English pirate who robbed and plundered our fleet in '56)...Sandwich as ambassador to the Court of our Majesties in the name of his (worthless dog) King, Charles. May his stay in Spain be fruitful (as in his God-cursed innards nuturing our orchards)."

"Many thanks. In the name of my (worthless betrayer) King, Charles the Second (would I'd had the sense not to welcome a second Charles) I should wish to say how happy I am to once again be enjoying (ah, yes...The last time I was here, heh, heh) the hospitality (at gunpoint then) of and to be among the good (papist scum) people of noble (wretched dustbin of History)Spain ."

("Frederico, I hear the Dutch have offered 20,000 gulders for our new ambassador's head." "His own King offers twice that, I hear, Jose.")

Hmmn..."Moore, if I should happen to accidently kill one of these rather improverished-looking grandees dogging my every step, as if they'd very much like to stab me to death (as if they wouldn't) would it mean war? And my speedy return to England?"

"Afraid not, my Lord Ambassador...Improverished grandees are a penny to the pound here,sir."

Sigh...Hmmn... "None of those entertainingly colorful letters from Pepys I suppose?"

"Not as yet, sir. Just another despairing plea from my Lady Sandwich for money and news of you..."

"Fellow never writes me anymore...I say there's no gratitude left in this wicked world, Moore."

Robert Gertz  •  Link

Enroute to Spain...

"Good day, my Lord. What, at your book so hard?"

"Please...Something far more important, Moore."

Hmmn...Hoped he'd get the allusion to Henry VI,III. Unlike Downing I do so hate assassinating the clueless, Moore sighs.

"Look here." Sandwich offers sheet.

Hmmn... "Enemies of Sandwich...Friends of Sandwich..."

"Yes...One day, Moore. One day I shall return and be avenged. Coventry, Monke...They'll all rue the day they challenged Montagu. I'll raise up the old spirit of Cromwell and shake the very monarchy loose again if I must."

"Yes. No doubt, my Lord."

Hmmn...Runs eyes down list... "'Samuel Pepys'"... "'Tends to veer with political winds...Wait and see...(beautious wife)'...My Lord?"

"Sometimes there are better reasons than politics for eliminating a man..." Sandwich winks.

"Indeed, my lord..."

The sack of gold in my stateroom being a rather fine one...And of course my long friendship with old Pepys.

Second Reading

San Diego Sarah  •  Link

"what is Sir William not interested in?"

As Secretary/Chief-of-Staff to James, Duke of York, Mr. Coventry is interestred in everything ... the war will heat up again very soon, which is why Pepys is out looking for money to pay sailors, shipwrights, victuallers. etc. And there is no money to be had anywhere by the sound of it.

Once again the London merchants wanted war, but are now not willing to pay for it.

I'm amazed Charles II went for this: In July 1648 when Charles was Prince of Wales and Rear Admiral William Batten (yes, the same man) had enough ships to blockade the Thames, "where many valuable prizes fell into his hands, particularly a vessel laden with cloth, belonging to the Merchant Adventurers, and valued at 20,000l."

"The seizure of the cloth ship caused consternation in the city of London, which immediately petitioned Parliament for King Charles I's release and a cessation of arms.

"The Parliament rejected the petition, but a committee of citizens were permitted to seek Prince Charles in order to treat for the restoration of their property. These citizens were the bearers of letters from many believed to be well affected to King Charles I, and a Mr. Low brought messages from Lucy Percy Hay, Countess of Carlisle, assuring the Prince of Wales of the good inclination of the city, and urging him to avoid all causes of irritation."

from THE KING IN EXILE -- By EVA SCOTT -- page 52…

So Charles KNEW the merchants would cave the moment the war took their profits. DUH.

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