Sunday 21 January 1665/66

(Lord’s day). Lay almost till noon merrily and with pleasure talking with my wife in bed. Then up looking about my house, and the roome which my wife is dressing up, having new hung our bedchamber with blue, very handsome. After dinner to my Tangier accounts and there stated them against to-morrow very distinctly for the Lords to see who meet tomorrow, and so to supper and to bed.

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jeannine  •  Link

Seems like everything is perfectly arranged --the house with it's new blue bedchamber and Sam with his accounts. Let's see if tomorrow's Tangier meeting goes as nicely.

Robert Gertz  •  Link

Bess hath charms that can sooth the savage ("Ow! Thumb!!" "Sorry, wiggle-puss. Did her lil' lord wiggle-puss pricke 'is widdle thumbsie?") Pepys.

Brian  •  Link

Ralph Josselin's entry is longer than Sam's today! And is quite interesting.

cgs  •  Link

Samuell risks a shilling fine [of course that be for nought for his purse now] for not sleeping in his pew, and watching the tresses flow, or be it that the very Rev's. are still basking in a pest free villages waiting for the good word before helping minds concentrate on the future and the past..

Second Reading

David G  •  Link

Did Bess hang tapestries or would she have hung wallpaper now that we’re in the mid-1660s?

San Diego Sarah  •  Link

"Did Bess hang tapestries or would she have hung wallpaper ...?"

According to Diane and Michael Preston’s book, “A pirate of exquisite mind: explorer, naturalist, and buccaneer: the life of William Dampier” counterfeit damask was fashionable flock wallpaper used by Mrs. Pepys to paper her closet.…...

The Pepys went shopping on Monday, 8 January 1665/66
"Up, and my wife and I by coach to Bennett’s, in Paternoster Row, ... and thence to a place to look over some fine counterfeit damasks to hang my wife’s closett, and pitched upon one, and so by coach home again,"

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