Saturday 30 March 1661

At the office we and Sir W. Rider to advise what sort of provisions to get ready for these ships going to the Indies. Then the Comptroller and I by water to Mr. Coventry, and there discoursed upon the same thing.

So to my coz. Tho. Pepys, and got him to promise me 1,000l. to lend my Lord upon his and my uncle Robert’s and my security. So to my Lord’s, and there got him to sign a bond to him, which I also signed too, and he did sign counter security to us both.

Then into London up and down and drank a pint of wine with Mr. Creed, and so home and sent a letter and the bonds to my uncle to sign for my Lord.

This day I spoke with Dr. Castle about making up the dividend for the last quarter, and agreed to meet about it on Monday.

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tc  •  Link the Indies...

Sam's study of The Seaman's Grammar and Dictionary must be particularly useful now.

Susan  •  Link

No mention of the workmen today? Have they gone? or has Sam decided they can get on without him looking over the work every morning?

vincent  •  Link

Maybe they only worked 5 days a week at that time, after all they could be on the government [Navy] payroll.??

Pauline  •  Link

Maybe Sam was too busy, including business that is ongoing and can't be mentally set aside yet. The whole entry is work work work. Except for the pint of wine. Doesn't even set business aside to tell us he dined, supped, or that he is now going to bed.

Emilio  •  Link

"1000l. to lend my Lord"

L&M have a detailed footnote on this. So Sam himself isn't lending My Lord money, but he is brokering as his family does:

terms of the loan: 6% interest, due on Oct. 6
security: Pepys and his uncle Robert, for total of £2000

Montagu signs and seals a counter-security (I guess that’s what he pays Sam and uncle should they lose their security money) on 6 April. The counter-security still exists, which is presumably how L&M know all this.

Emilio  •  Link

"making up the dividend for the last quarter"

This is the fees owing to Sam for his Privy Seal duties, according to L&M; Castle is a colleague of his there.

JWB  •  Link

Yesterday's loan had me speculating on Sandwich speculating. What's this money for? Coronation expenses, adding on at Hinchingbrooke? He gets 4K/yr, Sam just worked on his accounts. Any insight?

Rich Merne  •  Link

No mention of workmen, probably away on a 'nixer', oops! Anyway it seems they had the job done "found it to my mind", by 16th May which was at least better than his expected two months.

Phil  •  Link

Just a gentle reminder... although the date on which work is completed isn't a crucial part of the "plot", most people here are reading along with no idea what's going to happen tomorrow, let alone further ahead.

So please be careful when mentioning anything that happens in the future, however mundane. If you really must mention future events, please begin your post with "SPOILER"! Thanks.

Nix  •  Link

The L1000 loan --

Any chance someone could post the L&M footnote for those of us who don't have a copy?

JWB  •  Link

Again on the loans...
From root and branches of family this 12%/double indemnity loan looks extra ordinary to me. The midling family members prop up the "sport" to make showing with Crown. Is this a strike at their main chance, the family's main chance? A flyer on Sam and Tom's part, albeit on handsome terms?

helena murphy  •  Link

The money required by Sandwich might be to pay off his gambling debts, or the family jeweller, or the tradesmen, or little sums for girlfriends,or the acquisition of new horses, or possibly for something as mundane as a house extension, or yes perhaps for coronation expenses.

Mary  •  Link

The £1000 loan

Emilio’s annotation above contains all the essential details of the transaction as noted in L&M.

The counter-security is preserved in Rawl.A 174, f434r if that’s any help.

vincent  •  Link

Re: shortage of the ever ready [cash].
see mar 1: settle his income "... his L4000 per annum settled..."
Does not want her lady ship to be without funds to pay the grocers et al. Income was not regulated at this time. Thee had to be organised and plan ahead. There were no guarantees that there would be any money coming your way, thee relied on bird in hand, not bird that may be in the bush.
then on the 3rd "...I did give up the mortgage made to me by Sir R. Parkhurst for L2,000..." sumert better than nothing. Cousin made money in W. Indies, now is lending out excess for future return _{ Still done to day by some , private mortgage on a nice Yawl.}
also same day "...Mazarin's being dead..."
Which might mean opportunity for war [ and some extra income from the perquisites of doing battle]. The French being without an Experienced leader as the King appeared to be under the thumb of the Cardinal, a mistake many make, that some fail without experience. One does no Know what a person can achieved 'til he is in the ring of encounter, it is only then that the test of being exposed to the problems will show the persons real ability , many have have passed with flying colors upsetting the naysayers, and others fail miserable, {now we can use simulators to over come the doubt of not knowing]
Then on the 5th. he had his own money problems too."...So home, and I with my head full of thoughts how to get a little present money, I eat a bit of bread and cheese,..."………
So in summary, Me Laud needs expense money, not got his princely income yet and the Dole not an option, and needs money for travel to buy all those gifts found in "La Mare" [the Med] or Indian Ocean,seriously money was always a problem for a man in Service [mess fees high and as one would say, a private income was necessary to tide one over 'til New Year when all private debts were settled{mostly}[ see Rev Jossyn about money got, money owed, money needed to pay debts]

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