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About Thursday 27 December 1666

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"In the middle of this (long) page is a photo of the current Household Trumpeters in State Dress, unchanged since Charles II day:"

What a difference 10 years makes .... is now a Vietnamese web site with everything from "Recipes selected chicken" to "Entertainment" and "Fighting Game." The link takes you to a page on "meanest dog breeds."

In some strange way, it's all reminiscent of Pepys' time.

About Tuesday 23 October 1666

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Thank you for the reference and the clarifying comment, Terry, about the Mitchell ticket. I really wasn't clear what was going on there.

About Saturday 15 September 1666

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"The trade of killing sheep and taking out the tallow only is still followed in several places thereabouts ..."

Chupacabra in 17th-c. England?!

About Wednesday 5 September 1666

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James Morgan - Most people have never heard of the Peshtigo (Wisconsin) Fire of 1871 - which took place on the same day as the Great Chicago Fire a couple of hundred miles to the south. It was a great point of pride among Wisconsinites that our fire was bigger than Chicago's, which overshadowed the one in Peshtigo.

About Wednesday 18 July 1666

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Very interesting posts, San Diego Sarah. Many thanks! That certainly helped clarify Coventry's statement and Pepys' comment. I was very unsure of what he was getting at, but your post makes sense.

About Wednesday 23 May 1666

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I sometimes wish I really knew what it means when people visit each other in their chambers, "at (the) bedside." It's always a powerful or senior person - Do they stay in bed, having breakfast, perhaps, while Sam fills them in on business? Or are they up and getting ready for the day with servants' assistance, etc. This phrase, or practice, has mystified me for years.