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About Wednesday 29 November 1665

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@Ruben - Only a decade later, but yes, I too have had the same questions running through my mind about what happens between him and his liaisons. It does seem to be mostly heavy petting with his willing partners. But he also tries to cop a feel when he can, and engages in what we would call molestation today. I really wonder about those encounters he has with women in dark corners of bars and public houses. I wonder if they're darker and more secluded corners than what I picture.

About Monday 27 November 1665

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Gerald: I assumed it was "God"; have there been other cases where they take out the word so as not to "take it in vain"?

About Thursday 3 August 1665

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" ... so we had some difference with some watermen, who would not tow them over under 20s., whereupon I swore to send one of them to sea and will do it."

Just a bit vindictive here, eh, Sam? I'm curious if we'll hear the outcome of this. This points up the coldheartedness of the era - potentially dooming a man to a life (short?) at sea for simply wanting more shillings to perform a hard service.

About Thursday 18 May 1665

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"Nixon was condemned to be shot ... " This strikes me as a strange method of execution for this period. Muskets weren't all that terribly accurate at this time, correct? Many gruesome images come to mind when picturing a 17th-century firing squad. Do we have any more information on how Nixon was executed?)

About Monday 14 November 1664

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This site got some press today:

It's review of "17c", a play that uses the Diary as its basis. Toward the end of the review, it mentions that two women ("Pepys aficianados") sit on the side of the stage: "Bookish annotators, they provide context and commentary on a Pepys website, and quibble comically about petty details." The words "Pepys website" link to here.

Sounds like an interesting production.

About Friday 16 September 1664

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re Pigeon racing - When I was a kid I used to hang out and help a guy with his pigeons, back in the 60s. It's kind of a fascinating thing, and it's interesting to find a description of it as taking place in Russia. I had no idea, and I was a Russia specialist in a past career.