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Second Reading

About Friday 30 January 1662/63

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Interested to read todays passage concerning the Fasting for Charles. i am an avid collector of Tudor and Stuart ephemera i was fortunate enough to add to my collection recently a pamphlet titled,

A Sermon Preach'd Before the Right Honourable the Lord Mayor and Aldermen of the City of London at the Cathedral Church of St. Paul, on Friday, January 30. 1729. Being the Fast-Day for the Execrable Murder of King Charles I published by Joseph Trapp

Its a fascinating read

About Wednesday 28 January 1662/63

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Hope Elizabeth wasn't to shaken by this dastardly act, what would have been the punishment at this time had the villians been caught , and where would they have disposed of them were there particular Inns/Taverns in the area that were known for trading in stolen goods ?

About Friday 16 January 1662/63

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Absolutley love this site ive been following Sam 2 years now this being my first post it's great to see people still posting after all these years from the heady days of the mid noughties when this site was new . What i do find somewhat ironic is that i now look back on the original annoters the same way we all look back on Sam, wondering where they are and what there doing its only 11 years ago but i suppose thats human nature, who knows someone somewhere may look back to this post in a hundred years or so and say i wonder what became of Stan ? Anyhow i digress keep up the great work contemporary annoters you do a sterling job