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About Wednesday 14 January 1662/63

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No child and no resolution. Yes, I see this as the principal tragedy in their lives, particularly E's. Not the fact of not having children but that there was nothing else for her to do but have children.

About Wednesday 24 December 1662

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Money and today's equivalent. 7 pounds monthly household costs = @500 pounds today.
1 book for 4 1/2 pounds = @ 325 pounds today.
Either households are cheap or books very expensive.

About Tuesday 25 November 1662

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Pedro's link is-- shall we say---- naught active?

Easy to laugh at the Fanatiques but every age has them. No less today.

About Friday 31 October 1662

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I wondered that myself Terry. I assume crosses are Christian crosses ie people wishing him ill so hence the "for the whole world seems to smile upon me,".

About Monday 13 October 1662

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I really love that phrase he uses on occasion: "then he went away again". A glimpse of how it appeared to a person back then. No one goes away again now.

He used a variant today also: "forth".

About Wednesday 8 October 1662

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As I like to say every time I hear an English citizen say extraordinary. It is extraordinary how ordinary extraordinary is to the English! But in SP's case today, I could feel the love.

About Sunday 5 October 1662

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Dancing would be done at Sandwich's country estate? I'm sure he could afford a fine dance band out there in the boonies.

About Monday 22 September 1662

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From Henry Fielding's Tom Thumb the Great (1725):

King Arthur: I feel a sudden Pain within my Breast,
Nor know I whether it arise from Love,
Or only the Wind-Cholick. Time must shew.

About Saturday 20 September 1662

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Just to point out: Lead poisoning would not have affected multiple people simultaneously.

WR to grain contamination: If it were the fault of the grain I would have expected some comment on even more people falling ill at the time of these deaths.

Speaking of grain contamination if someone mentioned A. Huxley's The Devils of Loudon I missed that.

About Wednesday 17 September 1662

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RE: Oz Sue's surprise at the use of "tacky lovehearts". Have a look at Franz Hal's Laughing Cavalier from 1624, esp. the embroidery work on the sleeve. Heart work if you can see it. Makes me think it has been around a lot longer than that. In addition, I always wondered how that shape came to represent a human heart till I saw a pair of swans entwining from their breasts to their heads. They outlined our heart of love. No idea if it is coincident.

Loved the 'fight with a feather'.