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About Friday 29 November 1667

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Amazing to think that Don Quixote has already entered the European (or was it only the British) imagination as modelling for the ridiculous. Even more amazing that it remains so today!

About Tuesday 5 November 1667

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Yes SDS the preferred way to not hear from anybody again is to have them owe you money. Works mostly, I can attest. The reverse? Never.

About Monday 28 October 1667

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"as they come into my mind now, I shall set down without order"

So in the never ending discussion on the reasons Pepy's keeps his diary; himself or public. Does this phrase indicate a record setting event for others to read?

About Thursday 24 October 1667

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Maybe compass is range but I feel more likely to do with pitch. Brass instruments of the time could only play one harmonic series (key) at any one time. To change keys required changing crooks. Not so with string instruments. Hence compass. Brass will always have a limited range compared to strings. Then as now.

About Sunday 29 September 1667

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A wink is good as a nod to a blind bat. The domestic bliss is more like the quiet before a storm.

After fantasizing about 17 yo Deb Willet for 2 days Pepys is sated from anticipation. Deb is the staked goat and two different predators are stalking two different sorts of meals.

About Friday 13 September 1667

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Does Mrs. Lowther’s bloodied nose have a play in this affair? Pepys is made uncomfortable:

“which made me I could not look upon her with any pleasure”

That the coachman cursed implies brotherly collusion with the boss. ie habitual.

As for the cauldrons- how much money we talking? Didn’t sound like much to me.
And why the:

“for I believe we shall be glad to sell them for less“

Sam happy with less?

About Tuesday 27 August 1667

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Paul C brings up a good point. Writing in plain English may induce circumspection rather than candour. Perhaps shorthand allowed Pepys a little more freedom? A bit like Beckett writing in French.

Speaking of candour, I was always wondering whether Pepys pidgin Latin/French/Spanish liaison tidbits were written in full or, shorthand?

About Monday 26 August 1667

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Debt/sex along side desperation can only lead to Britannia ruling the waves?

The fear, the remorse! So exciting!

About Wednesday 7 August 1667

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Noble? All this time I thought we were lovable!

"I was loveable, Jocie was loveable, the Senator was loveable, the days were loveable, the nights were loveable, and everybody was loveable - except, of course, my mother."

Raymond Shaw
Manchurian Candidate

About Monday 5 August 1667

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"all that pains should have been taken upon so bad an instrument."

So says the flageolet player...

Is this the same Nell that Sam dallied with in his home just weeks ago? And she's a gossip? Sounds very risky. A parting shot as she scoots out the door to ruin both boss' day?

About Monday 29 July 1667

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Yes, gossip high and low. Am I mistaken in the impression that the gossip Pepy's relays is (most days) largely erroneous?

About Saturday 20 July 1667

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So much for SP's correcting his nature! His are not thought 'crimes' but rather the opposite and an illustration of what was wrong with the friar's formulation Moore was writing about. Pepy's thought was to correct his nature -- not worth much more than that it seems. Failure being the norm.